Phil Anselmo Talks Pantera’s Lost Van Halen & Phil Collins Covers


Phil Anselmo (Down, ex-Pantera) took part in a recent interview with Among the topics covered was the remaining unreleased material in the Pantera vaults. While he reaffirmed that “Piss” was the last of the original material, he did mention that covers of Van Halen‘s “Outta Love Again” and Phil Collins‘ “I Don’t Care Anymore” may exist.

On that he stated:

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“We used to fuck with all kinds of songs. Obviously we did that ridiculous version of ‘Cat Scratch Fever‘ for some movie soundtrack, that dickface Ted Nugent. Shit dude, we would kick into Kansas and all kinds of shit.

What you said does ring a bell; I think it was something like ‘Outta Love Again,’ I wonder where that shit is. And here’s another one for ya: I never did sing on the motherfucker, that old Phil Collins [he starts singing ‘I Don’t Care Anymore‘], we did a version of that, and it’s somewhere.

But there really probably isn’t any original material left, but cover tunes and shit like that. If there was the proper amount of digging, we could find all kinds of shit.”

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