DJ Lethal Unloads On Ex-Limp Bizkit Bandmates, Claims Fred Durst “Takes All The Credit” & “Steals Money”


DJ Lethal has responded to the recent blunt remarks from his former bandmate Wes Borland regarding his ousting from Limp Bizkit. Speaking via a series of tweets on his Twitter, Lethal offered:

“I actually am so over it. It’s not funny. Good luck. I wish you guys the best. In life never sacrifice your dignity for a $. I was successful before lb and will continue to live my life on my terms. Thanks all the fans! Truth hurts. Wes quit how many times? When I had 10 guys sleeping in my living room and begged the band to bring Wes back.

Also they never even had the courtesy to sit down face to face and talk things out. And after 17 years of being me there’s a problem? I never missed one show,was there through thick and thin. Gave my heart and soul to the band. I’m just man enough to stand up for myself. Don’t get it twisted the truth will prevail!! I’m just intrigued how some people can just disown family Lots more to the story my friends.

How can people expect me to life my life waiting on fred durst? He takes all the credit. Steals money. I made “why try” and “bring it back” Thank you for all the people that supported me on lb. at one time it was a band. We were team. Then it became the fred first show. And since the guys were running low on money Wes told me to hold on my feelings so he can pay his mortgage. So sad.

Fred durst got paid 1.6 million $ for the “free napster tour” free my ass.I paid out of my own pocket to do that tour. ?#lost? respect So all you people passing judgement on me. Go fk your self. That job will be left to GOD. Otherwise. Love and respect Ok. I’ve moved on. Please feel free to unfollow if you want. I’m a genuine honest person. At this point in my life I’m living it “MY WAY”

I was totally chillin until Wes had to open his mouth talking down to fans about a twittation a fan made,so rude. And after 17 years at least sitting down and talking face to face like real men didn’t happen. That’s some pussy ass shit.It’s all abt the $

I do appreciate all the good times and there was many. I love my friends and fans and owe my life to you. Thank you to my real friends-YOU Last comment. Fake friends suck. We been through so much and I was genuine. Whole new meaning to “counterfeit” You should be ashamed.

I’m not going to put these guys down. At one time they were cool and things were great. I’m not on a hate mission. $ makes people desperate A real man looks another man in the eyes and confronts the the issues. Obviously fred didn’t have the balls to look me in the eyes and talk.

Thanks for the support,I couldn’t fake the funk anymore. Stay true to your heart no matter what and never let anyone tell u how to live”

“I didn’t start the battle.I did vent once or twice.Its kind of a big deal in My life like a wife you divorce after 20 years that cheated I’m gonna throw up. I already moved on til Wes made that statement Even though he got fired before they came to my house and quit 2 times.”

Meanwhile, Borland himself was recently asked if the band would be okay with Lethal rejoining the band if he asked. To that, he replied:

“No. He would have to change his behavior for an extended period of time and stop talking tons of shit online. That’s up to him.”

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