Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland On DJ Lethal: “We Started Without Him And We’ll End Without Him”


It doesn’t look like Limp Bizkit will be welcoming back ousted bandmate DJ Lethal anytime soon. Band guitarist Wes Borland recently had a discussion with a Twitter user regarding Lethal and this petition to have him reinstated in the band.

Borland had some rather pointed words for the fan, including:

“Sorry. No. Not going to happen. Thanks for your support, but that’s a wrap. We started without him and we’ll end without him.”

When the fan alleged that Bizkit should give Lethal a second chance, Borland responded:

“Dude. Just fucking be glad the four of us are together and don’t trouble yourself with the inner workings of the band.”

The fan went onto allege that Borland himself wasn’t a founding member of the band—presumably to counter Borland‘s “we started the band without him…” comment. Things got a bit muddled after that, but the conversation eventually ended with Borland stating:

“We’ve given Lee 1000 chances. Stop. Just stop. You don’t have a clue about anything. Please just stop. Because I am right now.”

He then finished:

“as I said. I’m done. My last reply to this topic. Lethal is out.”