Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Speaks On New Album Progress & Injury


Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently spoke of the bands progress with their new album with The following exchange took place in regards to it:

Do you think the new Alice In Chains album will be out this year?
It’ll depend on when it’s done. We started writing stuff last year. I think we’re all good with that now, so now it’s time to cut it. So we’re gonna try to, but if not it’ll probably be out early next year. It’ll be out about three or four minutes after we’re finished [laughs]. Give the record company time to set it up and plan the attack and tour for hopefully a year, year and a half.

So the writing is pretty much done though?
The thing that set me back is I had some bone spurs [and] cartilage issues in my shoulders. I had the same issue in the other shoulder about six years ago so I’ve had them both done now. It’s a repetitive motion injury from playing. But the repair takes a year [laughs]. So that kind of set us back a little bit, but it takes time anyway — my body started a vacation.