Kataklysm’s Maurizio Iacono Talks Piracy, Roadrunner Runners Records Cuts


Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono has spoken out against internet piracy and the recent shuttering of much of Roadrunner Records‘ international offices. The following two posts were recently made via his Facebook:

“This is just the beginning .. Not buying albums is affecting the labels who in return invest in the bands , tour support , recording .. its destroying all new comer bands and its making middle class musicians poor ,

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your not hurting the labels by illegal downloading , your killing the bands .. starting a band these days is a suicide mission .. If music becomes a hobby for musicians , then no more tours , no more good music ..dark times ahead .. well wait we have Holograms now , don’t need REAL people on bad ..”

“PART 2 of my rant in response to others who say labels should die : its not true that bands don’t need labels.. ask a 16 year old kid who just started a band what to do?.. the power of record labels to fly journalists, to MARKET , to Distribute is SUPER important , with time you get the knowledge to do a lot of things but to run a business ( yes running band is business) + touring world wide to please fans that want to see you nearly impossible , you need labels even if they become more of a management thing in the future , you need them ..right now with record sales getting lower and people buying less and less product ..labels are saying sure, well buy your flights , well promote the band , well give you tour support to buy evan or rent..

BUT give us your merch , after you do that.. you STARVE to death .. Again its not about me , I had a great 20 years , if it ends tomorrow i can keep my head help up high for what I’ve done.. but what about the new comers..and the future of music.. NOT good , its not you the fans fault , don’t get me wrong its the system that let it happen , governments etc could of stopped it..they didn’t .. now it sup to us the fans to help out, buy a shirt , cd, vinyls, download on iTunes, amazon.. the songs you like .. DO SOMETHING ! hehe..

I love you all and always remember.. you guys have all the power to build or destroy , we are only messengers of your voice .. get on the M.A.P. Musicians Against Piracy Tommy Jones documentary should happen to shed light on what is really happening on the streets”

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