Black Breath Sentenced To Life

Southern Lord 2012

Life? What do you mean life?

Black Breath - Sentenced To Life


Black Breath‘s merciless pairing of high octane thrash and gnarled Entombed-styled death n’ roll takes no prisoners on “Sentenced To Life“. But that is merely because the breakneck speed and unyielding aggression are incendiary enough to leave little standing in their wake.

As abrasive as the frenzy of this album is though; the increased weight of the songwriting is what sees Black Breath moving further through the metal ranks. The tracks featured here feel more meaty—if not at least sinewy—than past works. Paired with the requisite dirges, the dynamic interplay of “Sentenced To Life” attacks on multiple fronts.

With a driving hunger, the group intently pulverize their audience into submission. Sporting a battery of snarling, gritty riffs they wind up sounding somewhere between a treasured thrash cassette unspooling and “Wolverine Blues“.

Sentenced To Life” is a ferocious undertaking. One that excels thanks to its steely blackened intent and relative brevity. Half of the songs on the album never make it past the three minute mark and they don’t have to.

The mixture of blunt force trauma and slashing blows is built for damage, not distance. One could always argue that it’s been done before, and it has. But rarely is it done with this much viciousness and sadistic determination.