The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato Speaks On Max Cavalera Project, MixHell Cameo, Mystery Project & More


The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato recently took to his Facebook to post an update on his current happenings. Most notable was the following excerpt which explains his plans for new The Dillinger Escape Plan, his long-awaited project with Soulfly‘s Max Cavalera, some work with MixHell and another as-yet unrevealed project:

“…I wanna keep you guys in the loop on some stuff. The album with Max Cavalera has a potential start date for recording. You’ll be some of the first to know when it’s confirmed. It’s really aggressive. It’s the album my sixteen year old self would have wanted to have dimed while driving a car through someone’s living room.

Recording vocals this week for a track for MixHell as well(Iggor Cavalera‘s electronic/drum duo with his wife…they do really cool shit…hybrid of electronic music and live drumming…that guy is a rhythm animal…check this video out if you haven’t heard them . It’s more in the vein vocally of the Error(Atticus and Leo Ross, Brett Gurewitz, myself) EP that we put out years ago, so that’ll be fun to record.

Writing new DEP lyrics and vocals of course(always), and writing and recording another album little by little with some great people that I’m really psyched about and that I’ll talk more about when it’s closer to coming together.

Really different from any release I’ve ever been on, probably little to no screaming at all. I’m fully inspired by conversations with Devin Townsend to start becoming more prolific/releasing things that I previously would have just kept for myself. Really amazing guy, a total Jedi master.”