Devin Townsend Speaks On New “Epicloud” Album


It would appear that Devin Townsend will be releasing his upcoming “Epicloud” album under The Devin Townsend Project moniker. A series of back-to-back tweets recently posted by the man himself read as follows:

“Drums for Epicloud DONE! The bionic RVP strikes again!!!! 14 songs for this monster! An epic selection of songs, really inspired and pure”

“Epicloud is the ‘in-between’ DTP and Z2, While writing Z2, I purged 20 epic, poppy, porgy, ‘Dev Leppard’ type things…I love it”

“Been holding in my love of melody in lieu of being ‘metal’, but decided to ‘let ‘er rip’ before the next Ziltoid… so liberating.”

“…’porgy’ ftw”

“oh yeah, fwiw… it’s still under the DTP moniker. The logo is way too cool to ditch : )”

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