Aaron Turner Discusses Why He “No Longer Wanted To Participate In Isis”


Aaron Turner (Mamiffer, Split Cranium, ex-Isis) recently took part in a group interview over at Turner participated alongside members of Mamiffer and Locrian to promote the pairs “Bless Them That Curse You” release.

The interview was conducted by Oxbow‘s Eugene S. Robinson and shed some unexpected light on Turner‘s reasons for leaving Isis. An excerpt from that can be found below:

Eugene: The through-line from Isis to this might seem a departure for those who came to Isis via Tool, but less so for those whose first exposure was perhaps something like House of Low Culture and so on, but why this now? Specifically when the environment for “new” and “experimental” is maybe not as welcoming as for something “Gaga” or “Bieber”?

Aaron Turner: Part of the reason why I no longer wanted to participate in ISIS was because over time the “new” and the “experimental” dwindled within the framework of what we were doing, while the “rock” and the “polished” became more and more defining/confining. I lost my way in my personal life over the course of my mid-late twenties, and that wayward wandering coincided with the narrowing scope of what ISIS was making.

I made a decision (the wrong one), to chose a personal relationship over having multiple musical projects, and because ISIS was at the time the most developed of these projects, I chose to focus on that one to the exclusion of all others. Now that I’ve changed some of the more destructive elements of my personal life, and ISIS is no longer operational I am now free to do all the other things I missed out on doing during my “dark years”.

In some respects being involved in Mamiffer allows me to pick up the threads I dropped years ago in the stuff I was doing in House of Low Culture, Lotus Eaters, Old Man Gloom, and so on.”