Slipknot & Mushroomhead DJ’s To Perform At April Cleveland Show, Jeffrey Nothing Pushing For Slipknot/Mushroomhead Tour


The once legendary Slipknot/Mushroomhead feud looks to have officially been put to rest. Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson and Mushroomhead‘s ST1TCH will be performing DJ sets at Peabody’s in Cleveland, OH on April 17th. Sets from Mushroomhead frontman Jeffrey Nothing and Mushroomhead offshoot Tenafly Viper will open the show.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Nothing gave an update on the possible Mushroomhead/Slipknot tour (see above link.) Nothing recently posted the following on his Facebook:

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“Don’t be shy… Add Peeps! I heard direct from Skinny tonight… Slipknots MGR said cool… But all that means anything is Numbers, Period. Bring in Way More People or this Tour Never Happens! Let’s Go!!!”

The adding he is refering to would seem to be this Facebook group; which is campaigning for the tour to happen. Speaking through that page earlier today, February 22nd, Nothing offered:

“I Keep hearing this will never happen… I keep getting news from people in the know on their “Side” saying there will be: No Tour… I say Slipknot fans can make a difference and actually hear what Corey, himself is really saying and be the ones to make this happen with all of us. Being a “Filthy Maggot” still makes you a Maggot! and if we play :Together” your band still plays last. This isn’t about How Mushroomhead will benefit it’ s more how the Metal Community will come together As 1! So F all That Noize… I for one will Not Give up! Who’s with Me!?!”