Black Sheep Wall Offer Free Download Of “I Am God Songs” Album In Response To Piracy Crackdown


Apparently not every artist shares the same point of view on the heated piracy debate. Black Sheep Wall have made their first album “I Am God Songs” available as a free download in response to the “crazy internet piracy nonsense” for today, Friday, January 20th. You can snag a copy of the album at

Meanwhile, the band themselves stated:

“I would not have PURCHASED some of my favorite albums of all time had I not DOWNLOADED them first. In an ocean of garbage how is one expected to sift through shit for gold? Download whatever the fuck you want, pay for the shit that’s worth it to YOU. If you haven’t “stolen” it yet “I am God Songs” will be a free download all day Friday through Shelsmusicand their bandcamp page. Now about that whole internet censorship thing…”

Black Sheep Wall‘s new album “No Matter Where It Ends” will receive a March 23rd release date overseas through Season Of Mist. A U.S. release date is currently pending.