Cancer Bats Frontman Does “Dead Set On Living” Track By Track Rundown, Speaks On DevilDriver Collaboration


The tentative track listing has been revealed for Cancer Bats‘ forthcoming album “Dead Set On Living“. The news comes via a new track by track rundown of the record frontman Liam Cormier did for Terrorizer.

Here’s how the effort, which is due out in April, will tentatively run:

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01 – “R.A.T.S.
02 – “Bricks And Mortar
03 – “Road Sick
04 – “Breathe Armageddon
05 – “D.S.O.L.
06 – “The Void
07 – “Old Blood
09 – “Drunken Physics
10 – “Bastards” (feat. Dez Fafara of DevilDriver and Kate Cooper of An Horse)
11 – “Rally The Wicked
12 – “New World Alliance

An except from the aforementioned track by track rundown centering on the song “Bastards“, which features guest appearances from DevilDriver‘s Dez Fafara and Kate Cooper of An Horse, can be found below:

““Bastards‘ is, again I know I keep saying that these are my jams but it’s like “ah! That song’s my jam!”, because that song is all about whatever walk of life you’re from. Being in music is kind of like this unifying idea and the more I thought about it and wrote about it, you know that’s where the idea of getting Kate [Cooper] from An Horse to sing on it and getting the idea for Dez [Fafara] from Devildriver and Coal Chamber to sing on it.

All of those ideas are something that we’ve all experienced and I was sitting down with Kate before we were singing a part and I was just like “this is the idea of the song” and she was like “man, i’ve fucked up my life chasing this thing that I love to do and you’re writing exactly what I think.” I was just like, this rules, a woman from Australia being in music has the same exact experience as me.

We’re talking about tour and it’s different shows, but it’s all the same, all the same ideas. So that was rad. And again the idea of Dez was in my mind, so like asking him and him being so stoked, ‘cos we’ve toured together and we got to meet him and I was just like “you’re the best dude”, someone who’s still, like the idea of fighting the good fight, [he] hasn’t given up and just settled down, got a house, got a normal job, that dude is punk as fuck!

Still listening to hardcore, still listening to metal, still listening to punk, something like that definitely inspires me to keep going. So when I was writing the song obviously about different walks of life and different people, I’m like man, the fact that Dez is still killing it and still stage diving, like who’s Dad stage dives? Fucking Dez does!”