DevilDriver Frontman To Tentatively Appear On New Austrian Death Machine Thanks To Twitter


Proving that Twitter is being used for more this week than 18 or so different bands making jokes about their bass drops/recording sessions causing yesterday’s earthquake; it would appear a new collaboration will spring from the service.

Following in the footsteps of the Greg Puciato and Devin Townsend collaboration which originated on Twitter; a Dez Fafara (DevilDriver) guest spot on the next Austrian Death Machine release was more or less suggested to Tim Lambesis (also of As I Lay Dying) by a Twitter user named sablespecter with the following tweet:

“@evilriver @timlambesis Much respect and thanks for great work to both of you! \m/ Dez would be a great brootal guest on the next ADM, Tim!”

Lambesis himself then replied:

“@evilriver @sablespecter that’s a great idea. Dez, you wanna do a track with me?!”

To which Fafara replied:

“Be an honor . Let me know when And where . @timlambesis @sablespecter @evilriver that’s a great idea. Dez, you wanna do a track with me?!”

The collaboration further began to blossom with a surprise guest appearance from Metal Blade head Brian Slagel and some scheduling details being discussed. If you want to go that deep though you can dig through their Twitter timelines yourself, consider it homework.

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