Primus Frontman Discusses New Album, Lack Of Tim Alexander


Primus frontman/bassist Les Claypool recently spoke to regarding the bands new album “Green Naugahyde” (due out September 13th,) touring plans and more.

Speaking specifically on why drummer Tim Alexander didn’t return to the fold (early Primus drummer Jay Lane has since taken his place), Claypool offered:

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“…When we did readdress Primus in ’03 and ’06, it was more of a nostalgic thing. It was great at the time, but it just didn’t have that creative spark as far as moving forward. So after my last album, Of Fungi and Foe, we were sitting around, [saying] “What are we going to do next?”

Larry LaLonde was very passionate about doing Primus again. Unfortunately, Tim Alexander wasn’t as passionate. It was still the element of this creative stagnation . . . so the notion of Jay Lane coming in and playing with us again [was a welcome idea] – someone I’ve collaborated with over the past 20 years on Sausage, Frog Brigade and whatnot.

And he was in Primus – he quit the band one month before we made our first record, so the early material, like Frizzle Fry, is very reflective of his style. And him coming back has just breathed life back into the project. We did some touring, and we decided, “Let’s go make a record,” because we were creating things on the road.”

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