Of Mice & Men Rejoined By Former Frontman, Latest Vocalist Kicked Out


Of Mice & Men have been rejoined by previously ousted singer Austin Carlile, seemingly at the expense of his replacement, Jerry Roush. Speaking via Twitter, Roush offered the following on the situation:

“hey everyone… after sacrificing a year out of my life to keep a band afloat and touring after they kicked out the original singer, i just got a call informing me that they are bringing him back and my services were no longer needed. They didnt offer me a reason. I think its a little odd seeing how they all talked epic amounts of shit on him the entire time. Anyway, i already have some new stuff up my sleeve and i WILL NOT stop. This isnt the last of Jerry Roush. Thanks to everyone who supported me… keep a lookout!”

Roush also lashed out at his now former band with the following series of tweets:

“hey its not who’s better or whatever… that “band” if you can call them that have soooo many internal problems its a joke. They arent real”

“i was originally a fill in… never even heard of the band until they asked me to fill in ha. im not too butt hurt bout it. it is what it is”

“like i said… ive already got some shit up my sleeve thats a fresh look as opposed to a generic metalcore band. thanks for all the support!”

More on the situation is expected in the coming days.

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