Intronaut Frontman Announces New Side Project


Intronaut guitarist/vocalist Sacha Dunable has started a new side project dubbed Graviton with members of the recently shelved National Sunday Law. Dunable offered the following update on both Intronaut‘s new album “Valley Of Smoke” and Graviton below:

Intronaut are hard at work in the studio as we speak. Guitars are almost done, with bass and vocals soon to follow. To hold you over until we finish, I’ll give you the next best thing – an Intronaut side project! I’d like to officially introduce a new band featuring me (Sacha) along with Derek Donley and Darin Tambascio, the two members of our local friends National Sunday Law. We just finished tracking an album, and here are two unmastered tracks to check out. I’m not sure when we’ll release the full album, but I’d imagine it will be later this year. Details on that coming soon”

For now, more on Graviton can be found at the bands Myspace, while some material can be found below: