World Under Blood Reveal Track Listing For New Album


World Under Blood frontman Deron Miller (also of CKY) recently checked in with the following update regarding the bands forthcoming Nuclear Blast debut.

“tonight i have finalized the song titles for our first album! i have finished the lyrics for all of the songs; i have a decent idea for what i am going to do vocally next week…some of what i have done is pretty disturbing…but i am satisfied. i fly out to tampa tomorrow to meet up with the legendary mr. murphy to complete this album once and for all!

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this album is brutal. these days, a lot of bands are judged by their technicality, and often that is seen as “heavier”. i agree to an extent, but the only problem is that the more technical a band is lately, the more that specific “song” LOSES. we could have done a record that was 20 notes per second, because every member of World Under Blood is capable of that…but on this record, we pretty much said…”lets make sure the songs are amazing”…i know they are…i have made sure and WILL make sure that they all turn out the way they were meant to be and certainly nothing less.

my only regret is that i mentioned this project too prematurely…some of you have been waiting for this since as early as november 2006…back then i was very ambitious and i expected to have it out in due time…apparently in november 2006 i believed that there were many more hours than 24 in a single day. plain and simple, i was excited to release a metal record. finally….
this is the tracklisting, but NOT in order.

1. Dead and Still In Pain
2. Under the Autumn Low
3. A God Among the Waste
4. Pyro-Compulsive
5. I Can’t Stand His Name
6. Into the Arms of Cruelty
7. Revere’s Tears
8. Purgatory Dormitory
9. Wake Up Dead

*10. Alliance or War…(bonus)”

As seen above, the sessions for the album yielded covers of Megadeth‘s “Wake Up Dead” and Malevolent Creation‘s “Alliance Or War“.

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