Kylesa Static Tensions

Prosthetic 2009

Kylesa - Static Tensions


The ever experimental co-ed assault of Kylesa has seen an advanced evolution over the years but even with increased musical proficiency the group have always stayed true to their sludgy roots. No better is this documented than on their latest effort, “Static Tensions“, which is practically the musical equivalent of the ecosystem of a swamp, where predators, parasites and filth all interact with their relative polar opposites on a daily basis to survive.

Buoyed by two drummers, the rhythm section of Kylesa remains thunderously heavy and is the expressive force that drives the songs forth. This in turn gives the dual guitar attack time to paint rich atmospherics and focus more on color and environment rather than be limited by leads and solos. The end culmination of these efforts is hard to readily pin down, but a combination of Baroness, Sonic Youth and Black Sabbath isn’t much of a stretch.

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It’s effortlessly punishing, yet uplifting and mind enriching in the same. Few bands are able to make the listener feel like they are simultaneously being trapped in quicksand and floating through space, but through some clever effects, provocative tonal contrast and a generally creative approach to songwriting, the cacophony that populates this albums ten tracks repeatedly does just that.

That said, having dual vocalists, dual guitarists and dual drummers all generally going off at once will be off-putting to some as the wall of noise this band have instinctively constructed isn’t the easiest to penetrate. But those who are able to freely lose themselves in the discord will surely be rewarded with some of the most unfiltered and endearingly tempered psychedelic sludge that 2009 can offer.

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