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New Nine Inch Nails Live CD/DVD Set Rumored For April

Rumors abound that Nine Inch Nails will release a new live CD/DVD in the spring. has heard word that the band are planning to release a live CD/DVD (and presumably Blu-ray) set on April 08th, though no further details on it have slipped out just yet. Until then, the group have been teasing that something is coming tomorrow, December 05th. Trent Reznor himself has since confirmed it will be “90 min of live footage from NIN’s 11/8/13 LA show.”


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    • Trent’s video releases are always special, the Tension 2013 tour was fantastic live, so glad ill get to enjoy it on bluray over and over, it was a really amazing visual spectacle and made me really love the newest album even more which was much more fierce live than the studio recordings. So much so had to go see it again down at Voodoo fest and although he wasnt allowed to do all same visuals as the indoor arena shows the new music and new spins on old tracks were the highlight of the festival. I will see NIN every possible chance front row or GA as long as he wants to tour.

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      • carlosfranco     December 5, 2013 at 12:02 am

        I saw the Voodoo show too and even though it was great I really wanted to see the actual show planned for the tour. I figured and hoped that a live dvd would come out. Wish granted.

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