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As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Pleads Not Guilty To Murder-For-Hire Charges, Bail Set At $3 Million (Updated)

As I Lay Dying, etc. frontman Tim Lambesis plead not guilty at his arraignment today (May 09th) in relation to the charges he’s facing as part of his alleged murder-for-hire plot which targeted his ex-wife, Meggan. have word from the proceedings that the prosecutor was originally aiming to have Lambesis‘ bail set at $20 million, though it has since been set at $3 million. According to the site, if Lambesis is able to make bail, he is not to have contact with his wife or children.

Lambesis was originally arrested on Tuesday, May 07th. He is thought to have been charged with solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to commit a crime at today’s arraignment.

Update – May 09th 3:36pm:

Angie Lee—a freelance reporter for San Diego, CA TV station—live tweeted the arraignment via her Twitter. Her related tweets to the case can be found below:

“Tim Lambesis enters a “Not Guilty” plea for hiring someone to kill his wife of 8 years details on @CBS8 at 5pm”

“Standing room only in the arraignment of Tim Lambesis we are waiting for attorneys”

“Prosecutors asked for 20 million dollars bail saying Tim Lambesis is a flight risk and danger to the public”

“Tim Lambesis is charged with solicitation of murder which carries a maximum exposure of 9 years”

“Meggan Lambesis says she is afraid for her life not knowing if Tim put out other hits”

“Tim Lambesis’s attorney says one phrase to explain his clients case “scum bag snitch set up””

“Tim Lambesis attorney says his client did not intend to harm anyone”

“Tim Lambesis’s attorney says his client is “holding up” ok but emotional when he heard about all the support”

“Prosecutors say Tim Lambesis gave undercover agent cash wife’s pics gate code dates of when to kill her”

“Tim Lambesis told “Hit Man” to kill his wife while he was with the kids so he can have an alibi”

“yes there are audio recording according to the DA”

Lee also posted this picture of Lambesis in custody

Update #2- May 09th 4:13pm:

According to Angie Lee‘s live tweet coverage, a July 10th Preliminary Hearing has been set and bail is actively being pursued.

Update #3 – May 09th 4:46pm: have filed an official report on the arraignment, an excerpt from which can be found below:

“Deputy District Attorney Claudia Grasso said that Lambesis originally approached someone in a gym and asked if he knew anyone who would kill his wife.

Later Lambesis met with the undercover agent posing as a hit man — code name “Red” — according to Grasso.

“Red” asked Lambesis if he wanted his wife of eight years gone, and the defendant replied, “Yes, that’s what I want,” the prosecutor said.

Grasso said Lambesis gave the undercover agent an envelope containing $1,000, pictures of his wife, her address and the code to get through a gate. Lambesis also gave the agent dates when the “hit” could take place — days when he had his children, saying that would be his alibi, according to the prosecutor.”

Update #4 – May 09th 6:55pm:

Video footage from today’s arraignment can be seen online below via


  • dan12con

    How the fuck can he plea not guilty? Didn’t he solicit an undercover cop who was acting as a hitman?

    • kturl69

      Ex-FUCK-Actly! This story hasn’t made sense from the beginning. Completely wackola.


        It really doesn’t make sense, and given what has come to light under the subject of “prosecutorial overreach” in other cases, it’s not out of the realm of possibility this is just a vanity case for the DA. He may have been paying someone to take care of something, but not necessarily killing his estranged wife (it could have been a staged break in, or removing a document from her residence.) Given that the original conversation took place in a gym, and he only paid $1000, PLUS as a devout Christian he is going to burn in hell under the teachings of his own religion, the whole thing sounds exactly as you said kturl, WACKOLA.

    • kyletheterrible

      No one in their right mind would plead guilty in his shoes. If he did, he would end up being sentenced much sooner. He’s got shit to take care of while he’s still free. That’s assuming that he has the money to get himself bailed out.

  • ethos

    please be not guilty. please

    • stantheclam

      I really hope it is not true at all. I just cant get over it considering I spent at least a few times at concerts hanging out with him all day long. Dude was the nicest guy on the planet. Last show I saw him we caught up after not seeing each other for about a year or 2 and he gave me a big hug. We joked like usual and a random cutie I’d kinda been chatting with was like ‘who is this?’ and I said Tim from As I Lay Dying. She freaked out and said sorry to Tim for not recognizing him..Tim, the funny guy he is said, “Wait youre saying you don’t recognize my bro Jordan here?!” (referring to me) “You’d better not let him get outta your site before someone else recognizes him and steals him away” Later we laughed hard about that chick and how he was trying to hook me up.

      For what I’ve known of our encounters I couldn’t ever pin this on someone so incredibly nice. Who went out of his way for me, just to be cool. Sad day to say the least for me.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        That’s the thing about a sociopath, you would NEVER guess they would be that kind of human being until the proverbial cat is out of the bag.

        I’m not saying this guy is a psychopath, I wouldn’t know, but don’t ever mistake a guy that seems friendly and tries to get you laid has everything in his own mind figured out. No one saw Ted Bundy coming, that’s what made him so prolific.

        And yes, I realize it’s a very stark comparison. Again, not calling this guy a psychopath until more information comes to light.

      • stantheclam

        Yeah I hear where you are coming from Passenger. What I will say though is I’m not sold on the sociopath thing yet as Tim isn’t a cold blooded killer (to my knowledge). Ive read several books on killers and I understand how they work like robots and only with concerns for themselves.

        It just seems like (nothing confirmed) he totally did the most unreasonable thing in this situation. I just cant come to terms with someone like that doing something as horrible as what is set in front of us.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    He could be pleading not guilty by reason of some extenuating circumstances, such as unlawful arrest or a claim that he was either coerced into this or that he was misunderstood by the undercover. Either way its probably just grasping at straws at this point. They got him dead to rights.

    • BlueBalls

      When you plead not guilty, you allow your lawyers the opportunity to fight the charges, or maybe more likely in this circumstance, to work out a plea deal with the prosecutors for a reduced charge and sentence.

      If you plead guilty, that’s it. The judge sentences you to whatever he feels is appropriate within the law.

      You may be right and fighting the charges may prove futile, but the not guilty plea is pretty standard and the only chance Lambesis has at this point.

    • Rev.J_Blumpkin

      Ok so real case from 3 years ago where i’m at. This guy was in a similar circumstance. He was in the midst of a bitter divorce, didnt want to lose everything and started seeking out a hitman. I forget how he caught the cops’ interest but they set him up for an audio recorded conversation with the detective.

      He landed himself a 2nd degree attempted murder charge due to the language he chose when talking to the undercover. I got to read the transcripts of his meeting due to the court giving them to him for the purpose of his trying to defend himself. He met this U/C detective and used the term “ace”. As in he said he wanted the guy to “ace his wife”. He kept it vague and only used those words, but the court decided that his phrasing was enough to warrant holding up the charge.

      So idk how a lawyer could claim that Tim was misunderstood due to the fact he gave money, times to attempt, and described having the kids for an alibi. And just like I predicted the prosecuter argued he was “a flight risk” and “a danger to himself and others”. This whole thing sucks for Tim, but when you antagonistically tempt fate, you find out that karma has a big dick!

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    Tim’s thought after pleading not guilty..
    “How Quckly I Forget,That This…Is Meaningless”

  • ozarka

    Hooooly shit.

    bail at 3M? WOW.

    that means for him to post bail, he will EAT 300K

    • BloodyBoneKummer

      I doubt when you’re a flight risk and your case is murder that a bail bonds will even touch it.

      Also I think there is a degree of felony that you have to pay the straight up bail amount. I definitely see this being one of those.

    • JunBringer

      You don’t lose the money if you show up for court, it’s really just a guarantee that you’ll show up to court and then you get the money back.

      • ozarka

        that is what i used to think. then i found out first hand.. the bail was X, i paid 1/10th of X and never saw it again

      • Rev.J_Blumpkin

        Ozarka – what were the circumstances of your case I you dont mind my asking. I work in the crim justice system, and usually you just pony up the 10%, show up for court and recoup most of the money.

      • BloodyBoneKummer

        You don’t get money back from a bail bonds man.
        If you post your bail amount (sans bails man) then you get that money back in court minus your court fees.
        The 10% you pay the bails company is their profit and their ‘insurance’ in case you decide not to show up to court.
        I know this, I use to be a little trouble maker.

  • My Farts Linger

    Steroids will make you do crazy shit.

    • kturl69

      WWCBD? Anyone get where I’m going with this…

      • My Farts Linger


      • kturl69

        What would Chris Benoit do?

      • My Farts Linger


  • The Shark™

    ” “Tim Lambesis’s attorney says one phrase to explain his clients case “scum bag snitch set up” ”
    Those words alone imply that someone ratted him out to the cops and set him up. With that said though, someone was well aware that Tim may have had an ulterior motive to deal with this shit. It actually makes more sense in the regard that someone else assisted in having the fuzz go incognito to nab him. Because I was asking myself, “how in the fuck do you find a hitman anyway?” So, it really does make sense if whoever knew about it was concerned enough to inform Meggan and the cops.

    Granted this is all speculation, but it’s hard to deny.

    • My Farts Linger

      Odd that his attorney is defending him.

      • The Shark™

        Yeah Einstein, you win the Internet. That’s really fucking odd, considering that’s what they’re paid to do and what not.

        “Tim Lambesis attorney says his client did not intend to harm anyone”
        Seems accurate, he apparently tried to pay someone else to harm someone instead.

        Also it’s even more odd that the DA is saying that they have audio recording(s) of him, too. Maybe the DA is an AILD fan, so it’s perfectly natural that he/she has some of their albums. Hence, audio of Tim Lambesis.

        Bottom line is they’re not making this shit up as they go along and doing it for shits ‘n grins. Based on what’s been released thus far, they’re not fucking around. They don’t try to set initial bail at $20 million for everyone, they may very well be trying to make an example out of him. They’ll potentially throw the book at him, and not the good one.

      • My Farts Linger

        Calm down. I won the internet like a week ago.

      • Rev.J_Blumpkin

        His bail is determined by his economic status, the charge and his ability to either flee or finish the job.

    • jrr

      The initial articles stated that the police were tipped off about him allegedly wanting to hire a hitman for his wife, and they had been investigating it for a few days before they set up the undercover sting.

  • whatisyourforte

    Does anyone else have the urge to call him Tim Lambeezy?

  • Vautour

    I really, really want to him to get up in court and shout “THEY SEE ME TROLLIN’, DEY HATIN’! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOOO!”

    • Vautour

      Fuck my life.

  • Vautour

    I really, really want him to get up in court and shout “THEY SEE ME TROLLIN’, DEY HATIN’! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOOO!”

    • My Farts Linger

      What the fuck are you talking about?

      • Vautour

        Your mom.

      • jrr

        Yeah, I’m lost here too. Whatever this is a reference to, it’s lies somewhere above my head.

      • Vautour

        My Farts Linger and jrr: the internet. The internet: My Farts Linger and jrr. It has cats, cheeseburgerz and other dumb shit.

    • satan rx

      just wanted to say that reading all this stuff has really depressed the hell out of me. for some reason this single post has made me laugh so fuckin hard that i damn near had tears! for that sir i say thank you

  • Ganglor

    Kickstarter for bail money in 3…2…1…

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      HAHA no shit! I hope this case AT LEAST makes people a bit more wary of those campaigns.
      And since I don’t feel like posting 2 comments, I’m thinking that the low amount of $1000 might represent his seriousness and the rest would be paid on delivery.

  • JunBringer

    It’s a trap!

  • coolguy2424

    Perhaps Jesus Christ can spot him the 3 million. I heard that guy has all the money in the world.

    • My Farts Linger

      You “nailed” it!

  • Moxy? Oh, Brian

    Even if someone set him up, if they’ve got him on tape giving someone money, security codes to the house and dates that he had an alibi, it sounds to me like we won’t be seeing Tim for the next 9 years.

  • scorpions

    Guess whose next record is going plaaaaaaaaattttttiiiiinnnnnummmmm…

  • ozarka

    now is a good time to practice shitty cookie monster garble for the audition

  • ilikepie4444

    According to sources, he is reaching out to Ronnie Radke on how to make money from jail.

    • BloodyBoneKummer

      Or how to properly blow a man in jail. seems more plausible

  • ilikepie4444

    According to sources, he is reaching out to Ronnie Radke on how to make money after jail.

  • nickmongonijr

    Fuuuuuuuuck. He’s screwed! Really dumb move. Who the hell gets away with doing something like that these days? Especially someone of his stature….. she must’ve been a real pain in the ass!

  • adamonfire

    Has anyone made a “look like he’s going to have plenty of time to work out” comment yet? Anybody? Bueller?

  • booze

    $1000 for a hit? The murder-for-hire market must be in a downswing.

    • adamonfire

      The opposite; the more competition, the lower the price.

  • TheMediaProphet

    $1,000? Who the fuck would hire a hit man for $1,000? This isn’t some ghetto low-tier crack knock off. I find it really hard to believe that someone of Tim’s stature, in his position, would even believe that a legitimate hitman would only charge $1,000 to kill a woman and risk life in prison. I can’t say that I have any experience in the field, but I assume those guys would start out at $100,000. I don’t know how much money Tim has, but if he had to give gate codes, that tells me he has more than $1,000 in the bank. A legit hitman would research his client, know that Tim has a lot more money than that, and at the very least would extort him for more, even if he wasn’t going to actually kill the woman. That part alone makes me question the whole story.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      100k is WAY too fucking much to kill someone. 25k would get you a high dollar hitman no problem. Call me.

  • TheMediaProphet

    I just watched the video. That’s a lot of evidence to just hand over. Why would he need to give the killer pictures of his wife? He’s a celebrity, there are plenty of pictures of his wife on the internet. Why give the “hit man” all this evidence? Why would he need the address. I’m sure plenty of people at the gym know who Tim is, if it were me an the hitman asked me for an address, pics, etc, I would tell him to figure it out. And I’ve seen enough shitty cop shows to know that if someone asks me a direct question of me wanting them to kill someone, not in code or written, or sign language, whatever, I would know I was being recorded. This whole thing reeks of bullshit. “Do you want me to kill your wife?” No way would I say the word yes out loud! Free Tim Lambesis!

  • ozarka

    You got a lady and you want her gone
    But you ain’t got the guts
    She keeps naggin’ at you night ‘n’ day
    Enough to drive you nuts
    Pick up the phone, leave her alone
    It’s time you made a stand
    For a fee, I’m happy to be
    Your back door man!

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Your post is sublime perfection.

    • UhMilhouse

      I also commend you.

  • skyburial

    “He was so nice! He is a christian!’

    Bullshit, he is human. Even the nicest people have the darkest thoughts.

    Double brutal.

  • satan rx

    look i dont know tim that well. im a fan of adm and can honestly say i dont know a single aild song. watching the video posted seriously breaks my heart.

  • nymets71087

    So, according to the beginning of this video, Tim Lambesis asked a “gym individual” if he knew anyone who would kill his wife and coincidentally, this guy had spoken to another “gym individual” the day before where the second gym individual just “happened to make a remark” about Tim wanting to kill his wife. Then, after another meeting with the first guy, a sting was set up.

    Too many questions need to be answered. How would Tim know the first guy was capable of such a thing? Why would the first guy be capable of such a thing? Why did the second guy make that remark? Is this second guy a friend of Tim’s? Was he asked by Tim do make that remark? Since the cops obviously had prior knowledge in order to set up a sting, who ratted on him? Am I just too high right now that I’m completely over analyzing the first 30 seconds of this video?

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence
    • Tortilla Man


  • glassJAw78

    $1,000!?!? I guess you get what you pay for. I really thought the economy was turning around; apparently not.

  • nymets71087

    $1,000 was probably just a down payment of some sort. He probably would have paid the full amount once the job was done. Why would he give the full amount in an envelope to a complete stranger before the job was done? This guy could have just taken the money and disappeared.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    Did any of you listen?
    It says he paid the hit man 1,000 dollars for expenses.
    That wasn’t the amount for the hit.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      How much does it cost to kill someone? This guy is pocketing at least half that money were it to actually go down.

  • My Farts Linger

    Wook, I say you implement a way for us to gamble on situations such as these. I’d contribute to a $10.00 buy in. With the difference of opinion on this site, it would surely be a hit.

    • My Farts Linger

      Such as this, better yet.

      • My Farts Linger

        I have a thumbs down poltergeist.

  • damn

    They say the trick is to kick somebody’s ass on the first day, or become someone’s bitch.

  • Vitamin Doom

    If convicted, at least he’ll get prison-jacked.