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Producer Ross Robinson Involved In New Limp Bizkit Album

Unorthodox producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn) is apparently involved with the forthcoming new Limp Bizkit album, “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants“. Robinson‘s involvement was made public earlier today when frontman Fred Durst shared this footage of himself working on vocals for the album with Robinson in a Venice, CA studio.

Recording sessions have been underway for the album in the past few months with it due to arrive in stores later this year through Cash Money Records.


  • SpinSwimScream

    Ross Robinson can’t even save this band from being complete shit. Being on Cash Money Records definitely doesn’t help either. You’ve got to know when to call it a day.

    • WURST

      Additionally, this band cant save Ross Robinson from being complete shit.

      • SpinSwimScream

        I agree. He’s produced a few of my favorite albums, which I love the sound of, but these worthless kids on here are acting like he writes and plays the music for the artist. If the band is good, you will get quality music. Limp Bizkit is not quality. It’s that simple. The overall sound of the instruments may sound crisp and fresh, but it’s still Limp Bizkit. I’ve been playing bass for about 9 years now, and I’ll admit there are a few smooth LB bass lines I’ve learned, but once again… It’s still LB. Remember their last album? The one before that? Remember the immature outbursts from DJ Lethal last summer? This band is garbage. At best, this album may have a few cool bass lines or guitar riffs. If you kids like nu-metal, I can assure you that there are much better bands to jerk off to.

      • picobo

        “I can assure you that there are much better bands to jerk off to.”

        …hence the ‘Around The Fur’ multipurpose cover!

      • MyDarkPassenger

        Drummer John Otto is quite good at what he does. This is a group where the individual pieces are.far greater than the resulting product. Fred Durst emits a volatile sphere of mediocre imfluence that drags the whole effort down to zero.

  • jampola

    Funny how you label Ross as “unorthodox” Especially since getting bands to NOT play to a click, NOT replace drums and edit the shit out of drums (except the drummers themselves, sorry GJ!) and try to get everything perfect on “tape” the first time must be unorthodox these days.

    Either way, color me interested since I am keen to hear what the LB pull off recording with my favorite producer/engineer/mixer.

    • Dax

      I’m with you. I look for organic sounds – and it’s all about the process. Editing to death takes so much out of a recording. Plus, Ross is a big tape man. Although I’m not always on board with the album, I make a point to check out Ross’s stuff.

      • Rakasta

        pro-tooling the shit out of albums has been the norm for a long time; perhaps so long that Ross Robinson’s way of producing could indeed be described as unorthodox.

      • WURST

        Everyone just shut up and quit being music nazis. Just blast the shit and quit being pussies.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        Call me ignorant, but someone tell me an impressive album Ross has produced in the last five years. I know he did the old Korn stuff, Glassjaws first one… but I don’t feel like I’ve heard anything recent he’s been involved with.

    • picobo

      I am also interested in anything Ross produces… but in the case of this particular band, I doubt it’ll be anything good or better than Korn’s ‘Remember Who You Are’.

      • Dax

        When I’m blasting a record I like to know I’m headbanging to the band actually playing and not a computerized version of what the band can’t pull off. If that’s being a music nazi, then sieg heil yo.

      • picobo

        Dax, I’ll go ahead and assume that your comment was a reply to Wurst up there… either way, I agree with you!

      • Dax

        My mistake – yes, I meant to reply above. But in reference to your original comment – I was so hopeful about Korn III but unfortunately the only one who ripped on that album was the drummer who isn’t even an original member! I’ll still give LB a chance on this new album. I actually thought the music on Gold Cobra was a great listen. I would have sold great if they had an instrumental version hahaha. But back to Ross, I totally dug The Unquestionable Truth… so who knows…

  • wearesorta138

    From the old PRP nugget days (ah, nostalgia):

    “Limp Bizkit totally destroyed my street credit with black metal.” – Ross Robinson

    • 2StepSally

      Wasn’t Robinson rumored to be doing the new Behemoth record? Perhaps his black metal cred is in tact. Maybe Nergal will make a contribution on the LB record… heehee

      • WURST

        Hmmm? Maybe it is “in tact”?

  • emvath

    “frontman Fred Durst shared this footage of himself working on vocals for the album”

    Wait….Fred actually works on those vocals?

    • Stenny


    • picobo

      well… he does it all for the nookie, doesn’t he?


    I agree with the general consensus here. RR is a badass producer who works with mostly terrible bands, for example the albums “Worse Than A Fairy Tale” by Drop Dead, Gorgeous – and “Heroine” by From First to Last. 2 albums that sounds gnarly as shit, and are all the better because of it.

  • joetones

    Who else would shit bricks for a Ross Robinson produced Deftones record? He did produce “Fist” on Adrenaline. But I’d be damned if he doesn’t bring something we have yet to see from Deftones. BTW, what the fuck ever happened to a new music video? New album was in November. That won’t help album sales when you don’t have supplemental music videos pushing the singles.

    Oh, this is a limp bizkit topic. Uhhhh Three Dollar Bill was cool. Then it was all about the Nookie for like 3 albums. Then that random Unquestionable Truth EP which sounded like their first album. Which was cool and not radio like. Oh, Ross produced that.


    • WURST

      You bring nothing to the table. Leave and take that whore with you.

    • Dax

      I always thought it would be interesting to see what Ross Robinson would do with Deftones creatively, but sonically he would have to adapt a lot to their sound. Everything Ross does has somewhat of a certain sound to it and I don’t think that really fits Deftones. Fist was bad ass though – so who knows. Personally I thought Terry Date was the man but the last two albums sound good and consistent (except the lack of crushing guitar tone on KNY) and there is certainly benefit in mixing it up.

  • ResonoteMusic

    Well, having Ross involved certainly doesn’t lower my expectations for this album, but that’s not saying much.

  • Bleedsfromthesky

    RR is a joke

  • GotsTaGetMines

    Just remember

  • GotsTaGetMines

    Just remember: Ross produced Vanilla Ice’s comeback. I hope he puts the same effort into this album.

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