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Ex-Onesidezero & Shuvel Members Team Up In The Knife Outline

Alumni of Onesidezero and Shuvel have joined forces in a band dubbed The Knife Outline. The group features former Onesidezero vocalist Jasan Radford and ex-Shuvel members Ryan Stuber (guitars) and Carlos Sandoval (bass) among their ranks. You can check out their song “Selfish” below with more tracks available via their Soundcloud.



    LOL @ Shuvel

    I swear, if someone comes out of the woodwork to defend Shuvel, I will smack them in the mouth, Chris Brown-style.

    • FarBeyondDriven

      Their name was so creative and cool.

      Take everyday ordinary item and misspell it for your very own awesome band name:
      Howse / Skrewdryvr / Toylette / Brum / Dyper Jeany / Kat Bocks

    • asull24

      lol its french. the pronounce it shoe-vel. on account of chevelle had already been taken