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Chevelle Singer Injures Himself After Falling Off The Stage In Tucson, AZ

Chevelle vocalist/guitarist Pete Loeffler took a tumble off the stage during the bands set in Tucson, AZ this past Monday, October 08th. He injured his knee pretty badly during the fall, requiring a trip to the hospital afterwards.

According to the band:

“Pete’s update- x-rays show no broken bones, but knee is still too swollen for an MRI. Been released with an awesome knee brace. May have to sit while playing for these next few shows so Chico, Reno and Fresno we will see ya soon!”

Despite the tumble, Pete returned to the stage with the band after a brief intermission and finished out the set while seated. Thus far footage of his “face to the floor” voyage has yet to emerge.

In the meantime, a photo of him post-show in the hospital can be seen below along with fan-filmed footage of him returning to the stage to finish out the set while sitting down.

Chevelle's Pete Loeffler In The Hospital


  • BoscoDeDynamis

    Way to “send the pain below”. *wakka wakka*


      So laaaaayyy dooooowwwwnnnn….

      Oops, wrong song.

    • jayofdajungle

      so drive me far away, oh wait that’s just the song they ripped off.

      • ethos

        I never heard it. Besides, send the pain below is one of their weakest singles.

      • Daniels0719

        Be quiet and send the pain below resemble hum’s ” stars” .

  • AMeN

    This is just like Nathan from Horse the Band breaking his shoulder and continuing to play, except this guy is a pussy and has a vagina.


      Apparently you failed to read the actual article. He continued with the set shortly after.

      Fucking reading comprehension: How does it work?

      • Pank On Da Inside

        Amen to that

    • Daniels0719

      Horse is hella badass but I respect my front man for this

  • jg566

    These guys CRANK live. Cool that he kept the set going.

    • kturl69

      You are correct good sir. I’ve seen Chevelle 3 times. All 3 times during their Wonder What’s Next era. They killed it every time. Granted I have not seen them live in over 8 years but I’m sure they are still kicking ass. Sam is cool as fuck to talk to as well. I fucking love the riff @30 seconds during the start of SMA.