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Ex-Limp Bizkit Turntablist DJ Lethal: “Basically Fred Is 43 Years Old. How Long Can That Dude Do It For The NOOKIE?”

Ousted Limp Bizkit turntablist DJ Lethal has once again slung some barbs towards his ex-bandmates via his Twitter. Some highlights from his latest (admittedly drunken) onslaught (some of which are in reply to other users) can be found below in the order they were posted:

“#don’t get me started. Pain??? Really. Come on. Lp is making better songs. R&Bizkit. ?!??!??? FaCEPALM”

“This is a great retweet. I like link kin pank better than limp bizkit. Haaaaa At least they still make music not sell out I used to rock!?!”

“I used to do it for the lucky I didn’t get an std. But if I went the paris/Kim way you would know. Bad luck.Rockstar with a LIL PP”

“No to be a photo bombing #wigger but damn! I love korn and Deftones Because the lead singer of those bands can SING. Lb now =gangban”

“Yeah USA is emabrassed of you. Gtfo here. U hoped you would make 1 just 1 good song. R u kidding me #wigger I could fart n make a bytrsng”

“I hate assholes that judge me for leaving a “band” I was in for 15 years. Your like a fkn moose that got lucky!! Fuck fred durst !!!!”

“I was talented and was an artist own before u even knew who Fred was. If tout gonna be a #wigger than do your homework. #housepfpain bitch!”

“If you liked limp bizshit because the dj from house of pain was in the BAND RT”

“I speak What’s on my mind u do t like it. FUCK OFFFFF. U like Wes new moustache ? Fuck you! You think Fred is better rapper than MGK?FU”

“I’m fkn with y’all. Hahahahahahahahah. Y’all too sensitive”

“Well there goes my “positive” side.”

“Ok. I’m abt to go jerry springer. Y’all ready????”

“Limp bizkut=gamgnan style. HahhahhHhahnhBbAaaaaaaa”

“Honestly. Limp bizkit stole theyre qhol # style from Deftones. Vocally!!!”

“Basically Fred is 43 years old. How long can that dude do it for the NOOKIE? Dont get me wrong there was Time When he wrote his own lyrics”

“Whaaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaa. I rep that that fake ass auto tune shit. This my MY LIFE. Fuck off if u do nt like it. It’s an app.”

“Honestly. I did do it for the nookie.”

“Whoa. There’s actually people who like lb?? Funny because when I was on the band it was all uphill. Yay. Now they have an iPad and support”

“Ok yeah I’m drunk Talking Shit. Noe I know who my REAL friends are. If you’re not one of them unfollow and fuck off”

Bizkit fired Lethal from the outfit earlier this year. Vague allegations of substance abuse were cited as the cause for his ousting.


  • emvath

    Most of that made no sense what so ever. Kinda like most Limp Bizkit songs.

  • jayofdajungle

    admittedly drunken and most likely coked-up as well.

  • jakeunknown

    There’s a Baker Act in DJ Lethal’s future

    • Jazzy

      Why didn’t he spit all this venom when he was with the band. Uggh! He’s a disgruntled ex-employee; I hope he doesn’t try to hurt the rest of the band members. Clearly he has a bad habit. DJ Lethal better get some advice from Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston or they may all be bff real soon. #dopefiends

  • portesbor

    Deftones were always better than LB and Korn. That’s why they try to come up with new sounds so much.

  • spicyulcr

    This is the best example of an empty bottle of Jack and a nose full of coke I’ve ever read. Or an empty bottle of Zima…

    • SiX50SiD

      How does it feel to be the lost skittle in a Zima bottle?

      • SiX50SiD

        refer ably speaking about lethal

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    TLDR. fuck em all!

  • DJ Obi-Wan Kaczynski

    When I read things like this I feel like an unwitting extra in a prequel to Idiocracy

  • massdeath

    If I could be serious for a moment…as a society we have put a man on the moon, increased the human lifespan through medicine, and we’ve created the internet. Now can we finally end Limp Bizkit?

  • nickmongonijr

    He may not have a job but at least he’s articulate and not bitter about the whole ordeal.

    • goop

      You are so right. I just can’t understand why things did not work out between them.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    This mafucca said “R&Bizkit”

  • southpawchew

    I’m surprised theyre this many people following him on twitter

  • nickygoods

    this is a sad attempt at street lingo, this gentlemen isn’t even fit to be a wigger, now start making some god damn sense or stop tweeting

  • Zombee187

    I am not standing up for Fred Durst by any means what so ever, but Lethal is like 40 something too. So what is he talking about?

  • dmoe

    Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?

  • PeAcE MiNuS 0Ne

    There goes Lethal again.. Hallucinating, thinking he actually has twitter followers.

  • TheLoCoRaven

    The problem with limp bizkit is that the verses were good in the first album, started going down in the second album, and were crap from then on. I use to like them some but the newer stuff is just painful.

    I felt the same way when the Bloodhound Gang released Hefty Fine . . . wtf was with those verses. They went from a slapstick humor type rap verses to just boring crap on Hefty Fine.