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Dethklok To Release “Dethalbum III” In October, Track Listing Revealed has heard that Dethklok‘s new album “Dethalbum III” will hit stores on October 16th through Williams Street Records. In addition to a standard release and a clean edited version, a CD/DVD deluxe edition of the release is also being prepared.

That deluxe version of the album will sport a bonus DVD featuring a 32 minute documentary  and music videos.

The track listing for “Dethalbum III” will run as follows:

01 – “I Ejaculate Fire
02 – “Crush The Industry
03 – “Andromeda
04 – “The Galaxy
05 – “Starved
06 – “Killstardo Abominate
07 – “Ghostqueen
08 – “Impeach God
09 – “Biologicial Warfare
10 – “Skyhunter
11 – “The Hammer
12 – “Rejoin


  • Ska_Mitzvah

    Looks at first song,
    I Ejaculate Fire.


  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Where the fuck is UNDERWATER FRIENDS?

  • Sweets To The Sweet

    “I Ejaculate Fire”
    Rather weak parody of a Cannibal Corpse song title. Seems something like “Fucked With A Fife” or “Pedonecrophobe” would be stronger.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    Which one is the song from the finale? I’m guessing it’s the last track but that was a really cool jam.

    • rockout54

      I’m curious as to which one of these is the most important song ever.

  • coolguy2424

    Dr. Rockso is stll looking for his cocaine…

  • jk51084


  • Lifeseclipse

    Chris Barnes went outside after reading this and dug a grave. I heard he jumped down there and rolled in it for awhile.