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HIM To Release New Best Of Set “XX – Two Decades Of Love Metal”, First Single Due In September

HIM have recorded a cover of ‘s “Strange World” for inclusion on their upcoming best of set, “XX – Two Decades Of Love Metal“. That set will see an October 29th release date overseas. Meanwhile, a video and digital single for the aforementioned new cover is tentatively expected out on September 21st.

You can find the track listing for “XX – Two Decades Of Love Metal” below, while the band are working on a new album for a release sometime this winter.

01 – “Strange World” ( cover)
02 – “Join Me In Death
03 – “Heartkiller
04 – “Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
05 – “The Kiss Of Dawn” (Radio Edit)
06 – “The Funeral Of Hearts” (Radio Edit)
07 – “Right Here In My Arms” (Radio Edit)
08 – “Pretending
09 – “Buried Alive By Love” (Radio Edit)
10 – “Gone With The Sin
11 – “Your Sweet Six Six Six
12 – “The Sacrament” (Radio Edit)
13 – “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak cover)
14 – “Killing Loneliness
15 – “Bleed Well” (Radio Edit)
16 – “In Joy And Sorrow” (Radio Edit)
17 – “Poison Girl
18 – “Scared To Death
19 – “When Love And Death Embrace” (Radio Edit)
20 – “Heartache Every Moment


  • J3553

    i fucking love this band

    no homo


    HIM are still a thing? I thought only trannies and Bam Margera were into this band.

    • AMeN

      HAHA, hey watch it HIM are amazing, but saying that the first CKY definitely got me into them.

  • about_blank

    It would be naive to say Valo doesn’t have a great voice. Clearly, the man was born to sing. I like this band a lot, but what I take issue with is the same somewhat repetitive lyrical content. I want a pissed off HIM album. Wonder what that would sound like…..


    please drop all preconcieved notions about any bands that are loosely affiliated with Bam Margera (or not-so-loosely, in CKY’s case). Whether you like Bam or hate him, some of them are truly, truly good. I don’t care if Bam’s brother is the drummer for CKY, they are easily one of my top 5 favorite bands. HIM has some awesome songs. TurboNegro is the shit too.