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Whitechapel Host Juggalo Party At “Mayhem Festival”, Photos Available

If you ever wondered what Whitechapel and The Devil Wears Prada would look like as members of the Psychopathic Records roster then today is your lucky day. Whitechapel hosted a juggalo-themed party behind the scenes at today’s (July 27th) Camden, NJ stop of the “Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival“.

Some photos from the party, which find the band members adorned with juggalo inspired face paint, can be seen below courtesy of the bands various Instagram accounts:

Whitechapel's Juggalo Party

Whitechapel's Juggalo Party

Whitechapel's Juggalo Party

Whitechapel's Juggalo Party


  • star_AD


  • Vautour

    Fucking magnets, how do they work?!

  • adamonfire

    You could throw that face paint on Neil deGrasse Tyson and he’d loook like a piece of shit, it’s magical.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    Wasn’t making fun of Juggalos like a 2009 thing?

    • Relentless_Beating

      Making fun of Juggalos is timeless.

  • zach

    Shitty bands making fun of shitty bands.

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    poop > ICP/White Chapel.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    I always wondered what it took to get invited into such after parties.

    • damn (your mom’s balls)

      Well, first of all you have to be of a legal drinking age. Counts you out!



  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    i think phil is confused, he looks more like sting(the wrestler) than a juggalo

  • Swagadelphia

    Next year they can play the gathering. They certainly suck enough to be included in that roster