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Asking Alexandria Streaming Uncensored “Through Sin + Self Destruction” Feature, New Film In The Works

The full uncensored version of Asking Alexandria‘s “Through Sin + Self Destruction” trilogy can be found below. In addition to that, it has now been announced that the group have a “full motion picture” in the works.

According to the bands label Sumerian Records, the feature will focus on Asking Alexandria, “how the music biz really works and the perspective from the fans, the bands and the industry.” It will arrive sometime in 2013.


  • cheechorama

    OMG we’re rock stars lets reinforce the stereotype. That was pointless

  • skyburial


  • kturl69

    I gotta say I’ve been living that same exact lifestyle since I was 16 except I’ve fucked no gap tooth bitches. Cheers mates.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    What a bunch of Dirty Alcoholics

  • pathos

    wow…. that sucked