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Slayer’s Merchandising Onslaught Continues With Slayer-Branded Blankets

The scope of Slayer‘s merchandising continues to expand. Following in the footsteps of Slayer condoms, Slayer candies and Slayer rolling papers; comes the Slayer woven tapestry blanket. You can check that out over at Am I the only one surprised there are no Slayer razor blades yet?


  • FarBeyondDriven

    They should make a Tom Araya Barbie doll so that Ken could kick his hairy ass.

  • kturl69

    So if you purchase Slayer condoms, then bang a girl on her period. Would it really be Raining Blood!?

  • adamonfire

    What happened to that guy that was ragging on Metallica and saying how Slayer didn’t “sell out”?

    • WURST

      i kind of agree with you. but on the other hand, i think they realize the selling power and marketability of the Slayer name (i.e. Kiss) and want to capitalize on it…oh wait, that’s selling out.

    • dmoe

      Are you kidding? They’re selling their own merch off their own site. It’s not like you see them making commercials for Wal-Mart selling these blankets. You might as well get angry at them for selling t-shirts too.

      • WURST

        nobody’s getting angry except you, dude. and yes, this is what selling out is, homeboy. putting your band’s name on a bunch of non-music related items. i will still love slayer and wont hold it against them but from now on i will refer to them as mini-Kiss.

      • My Farts Linger

        On what scale can we determine what is allowed and not-allowed in terms of selling out? Most bands sell merch at their shows, but if they sell it in a store, on their website or god forbid, on tv, they are “sell-outs.” I for one don’t give a damn how they decide to go about selling their merch. I gauge a bands “sell-out” level on their music; Are they making music that they love, being creative and passionate? Or are they solely making music that will appeal to the masses and make the billboard top 50? To me, that is the main difference between bands that have “sold-out” or not.

      • adamonfire

        I’m a capitalist pig, I love money. There was just that guy that used Slayer as an example no more than a week ago as though there was some set definition of “true metal” and they were it – and now you can snuggle up and watching Pretty Little Liars with a Slayer blanket. More power to them, I hope they make money… but don’t talk shit about Metallica for trying to capitalize on their market power.

  • ballsofmetal

    I’d rather buy a Slayer condom then a regular one if given the choice. Why the fuck not? Just like I got a Fender coffee mug instead of a plain ass one you get at Wal-Mart lol.

  • robishow

    Hooker With A Penis.