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††† (Crosses) Cover Giant Drag With Annie Hardy At Debut Live Show, More Quality Footage Available (Updated)

Higher quality live footage of ††† (Crosses) debut live show at The Glass House in Pomona, CA last night, January 31st, has arrived online. One unexpected performance of the night saw the band team up with Annie Hardy for a Giant Drag cover. Those with long memories will recall that Hardy (herself a member of Giant Drag) was involved in an early version of †††. You can find footage of the pairing below.

The setlist for the show ran as follows:

01 – “†hholyghs†
02 – “†his Is A †rick
03 – “Bermuda Locke†
04 – “Fron†iers
05 – “Prurien†
06 – “†elepa†hy
07 – “1987
08 – “
09 – “The Years
10 – “Op†ion
11 – “Swan Song” (Giant Drag cover) (feat. Annie Hardy)
12 РҠrophy

Swan Song” (Giant Drag cover) (feat. Annie Hardy)


†his Is A †rick

Bermuda Locke†“:





The Years“:




  • jrr

    The end of the 1987/† video is actually another, assumingly new song. It starts around 4:20.

    • jrr

      And correct me if I’m wrong, but † is even played, is it? I assumed I just missed it since it’s a short instrumental, but watching the vid, I’m not hearing it.

      • jrr

        Okay, now I hear it. The “new” song was a version of †. Now I feel sufficiently stupid.

  • Surly

    Op†ion sounds amazing. Nice mix on the PA. Pretty good job Youtube video recording person.

    • Surly

      Annie Hardy sounds terrible on her own song, however. Kind of an awkward performance really.

  • boomshakalaka

    This group is highly publicized and severely overrated.

    • Lern2Swim

      Your mother’s blow jobs, however, are not.

  • tenwestchaser

    Love the riff they break into towards the end of The Years. Gives me chills.


    the 2 drummer set up makes the end of “The Years” SUPER meaty.

    Too bad “This is a Trick,” “Bermuda Locket,” and “Telepathy” have been my other favs…