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DevilDriver Frontman Records Guest Vocals For New Soulfly Album

DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara has spilled the beans (and perhaps some vine vintage wine) regarding the mystery studio video he posted yesterday (September 29th.) Speaking through his Twitter, Fafara proclaimed the following:

“I just Co-Wrote and Sang with Max Cavalera on the heaviest track I’ve heard from SOULFLY ever

He later confirmed that the song would be appearing on Soulfly‘s new album, which the band have been recording with producer Zeuss as of late. A photo taken from Fafara‘s twitter of himself, Soulfly‘s Max Cavalera and Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Chimaira) in the studio for the track can be found below:

Dez Fafara, Max Cavalera & Chris "Zeuss" Harris


  • schuler

    There is no way this can come out being anything other than totally awesome.

    • scorpions

      i couldnt agree with you more, sonnie… im still waiting to hear about this new gojira (ep, i think??) w/ dudes from meshuggah, lamb of god and in flames… i like guest appearances as of late, they seem to be the only shit keeping metal exciting…

      • schuler

        Both these dudes have storied careers. I love their work. And to an extent I agree on the guest spots thing, but it depends… I really only get into it if there’s some contrast, like there most definitely will be with Max and Dez. Case in point: Chino Moreno on a Whitechapel song. Awesome contrast. Utter failure: Phil Bozeman in a Chelsea Grin song, being that Chelsea Grin are just technically inept Whitechapel clones anyway. Or any Sumerian Records clone bands.

  • NdR23

    Why didn’t this happen 10 years ago? Ah well at least it’s happening now, not as if these guys are getting any younger. Looking forward to hearing it.

    • AJP

      Yeah, Dez on the Primitive album would have been fitting.

      • RhiNo

        For the time in which Primitive was made, Corey Taylor guest starring was the best.

      • Vujaa De

        it didn’t compare to chino’s contribution though.

  • AJP

    Seems like these metal gods have really taken a fancy towards Tweeting.

  • mjclementz

    A photo reminding the world how bad of an idea it is to get a chin tattoo.

    I also found the Bad Brains and Bauhaus shirts amusing. God forbid one of these guys could be wearing a Megadeth shirt or something. “It doesn’t HAVE to be my favorite genre, but it HAS to be edgy and a little left of center.” Cavalera’s a poor example though cuz I’m sure he really does love him some Bad Brains.


    eat it duder! I love bad brains and the shirt rips. that was gonna be my 2 cents anyway.