DevilDriver Frontman Records Guest Vocals For New Soulfly Album


DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara has spilled the beans (and perhaps some vine vintage wine) regarding the mystery studio video he posted yesterday (September 29th.) Speaking through his Twitter, Fafara proclaimed the following:

“I just Co-Wrote and Sang with Max Cavalera on the heaviest track I’ve heard from SOULFLY ever

He later confirmed that the song would be appearing on Soulfly‘s new album, which the band have been recording with producer Zeuss as of late. A photo taken from Fafara‘s twitter of himself, Soulfly‘s Max Cavalera and Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Chimaira) in the studio for the track can be found below:

Dez Fafara, Max Cavalera & Chris "Zeuss" Harris