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Disturbed Reveal “The Lost Children” Cover Art

Disturbed have revealed the cover art for their upcoming b-sides/rarities release “The Lost Children“. You can find it below along with the track listing, while the album will arrive in stores on November 08th through Reprise.

01 – “Hell
02 – “A Welcome Burden
03 – “This Moment
04 – “Old Friend
05 – “Monster
06 – “Run
07 – “Leave It Alone
08 – “Two Worlds
09 – “God of The Mind
10 – “Sickened
11 – “Mine
12 – “Parasite
13 – “Dehumanized
14 – “3
15 – “Midlife Crisis” (Faith No More cover)
16 – “Living After Midnight” (Judas Priest cover)

Disturbed - The Lost Children


  • 024

    … gay.

  • mjclementz

    Yup, looks like a disturbed record.

  • mongolianchopsquad

    I wouldn’t call it gay or anything, but just too obvious.
    “Disturbed has a new album, so it must have that same creature in the center, and the title is ‘lost children’. So let’s have miniature versions of that creature scattered around him.”
    They never succeed on surprising the listener. The only surprise element is how they keep doing the same thing for a decade, and still sell records.

  • Aggroculture

    The City of Lost Children >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Disturbed

  • lateraleye789

    It looks as uninspired as their music sounds. Can’t wait.

  • Vujaa De

    milk that cow

  • Livedefflo

    Why all the Disturbed hate for the past year? Sure they dish out alot of the same material on each record. I never muched liked Disturbed after the first album but here recently I’ve actually really enjoyed the new album and 10k Fists. The songwriting is somewhat generic but it is still good music as compared to alot of other artists out there. Most notably hardcore/deathcore/melodic metal which is becoming as stale as a 10 year old loaf of bread now. Grunge is making a comback though and I’m excited about that!

    • mongolianchopsquad

      You actually answered your own question here. They’re a mainstream band with some skill and enough budget. So most of the time, their sound qualities usually sound better than other heavy bands’ records that were produced rather poorly due to low budget and little time.

      But as you said, they dish out the same material on each record. And the overused material isn’t even that unique(other than Draiman’s constant monkey vocal tone). It’s generic and even the lyrical content is quite uninteresting. You can listen to one song and think ‘This is okay, it sounds good.’. But not many people can listen to their whole album constantly, because after 5~6 minutes, it starts to become boring very fast.

      Disturbed is a mainstream band that has made it into the billboard. Many people love them, and I certainly do not think that their records are worthless pieces of shit. They do have some entertainment values.

      But many of the people that come into the PRP and comment here are heavy music lovers who are hungry for music that has something deep and meaningful to offer.

      So bands like DEP, Deftones, Glassjaw, Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me are praised while bands like Nickelback, Disturbed, Godsmack and etc. are likely to get the hate and mockery.

  • 024

    for the record i still think their first three albums are decent, but everything after 10k fists is recycled crap. i mean, some of it isn’t bad, but nothing that i feel obligated to purchase. and it’s so mediocre and repetitive. also, the lead singer is kind of a dick.

  • loprojoe

    Just throwing this out there, but don’t Iron Maiden and Megadeth do the same thing with their album covers???

    • mongolianchopsquad

      Well, you clearly do have a point there.

  • Relentless_Beating

    This band does a FNM cover? That is just pure bullshit.

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