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Chimaira Part Ways With Drummer Andols Herrick

Following the recent departure of keyboardist/programmer Chris Spicuzza comes word that drummer Andols Herrick has also exited Chimaira. Herrick commented on his departure from the group with the following statement issued exclusively to

“Since Chris released his statement recently, I suppose its time that I do so as well since I have been dodging questions and comments for almost as long. I am no longer a member of Chimaira, and actually haven’t been since before Christmas. I did play at Chimaira Christmas 11, which was my last show. I certainly couldn’t have asked for a better and more memorable way to go out.

I cannot stress enough how significantly different the circumstances are now than back in 2004. The short story is that the guys had taken issue with certain aspects of my role in the band. Nothing discussed was out of anger or anything personal, but I was definitely not expecting it and it was quite the spirit crusher for me. The decision was made that it would be in the band’s best interest to move forward without me.

I was obviously devastated, but again there was no ill will between us. Later, I was asked to rejoin, but after some painful contemplation in my mind, I decided it was best not to. I started to see everything that happened as something that was ultimately positive. I share some of the same concerns that Chris mentioned in his statement, namely the current state of the music industry and concerns about my future.

A major transition in life is much more manageable at 31 than it is in your late 30’s or early 40’s, so as a guy with literally zero experience in anything else, better now then later. Plus, it would be hard to go back without feeling constantly uneasy about the situation.

So where does that leave me musically? Well, I damn sure am not done as a drummer! I will be releasing an instructional book/dvd through Hal Leonard later this year. I teach private drum lessons in New Jersey. I’m also really trying to get busy with session recording work, so if you’re a guitarist or a band that needs drum tracks, I can be contacted at

I’ve had a couple opportunities to track drums for two great bands, and I hope to be a part of a lot more. I hope you guys will continue to keep up with my work, so follow me at,,, and at

Although I did not record the new album, I was around for the majority of the writing process, and I know you guys are going to love it. Despite the recent dramatic lineup changes, I’m quite confident the band will press on just fine. I will always love my brothers, both current and former, in Chimaira! Thank you to Crush Drums, Sabian, Ahead, Gibraltar and Evans for being fantastic companies to work with. Thanks to all the fans for the great years, and the multiple lifetimes’ worth of amazing memories!



  • Obi-Juan Valdez

    First Morgoth, now the guy who already quit quits again. These guys are in trouble.

  • obsidian

    Been a long time fan of this band. I’ve seen them exactly 26 times in concert including 4 Chimaira Christmas shows and the very first show that they ever did outside of Cleveland while they were still promoting “This Present Darkness”. Having been around them it’s just hard to see everything that has been going on in the last several months and these changes. They are all great guys and it sucks that this is the direction that is going. I hope their music is still good but even seeing them without Jim last November was a miss. Now Jim, Chris and Andols gone? This band will not be the same at all going forward even if they continue to make good music and play the older songs live.

  • Bitter Old Man

    26 times?! Wow….I’m a long time fan too and have seen them several times as well….I wasn’t too concerned when they lost Jim, became a bit distraught when Spicuzza left, and now at about a 7 out of 10 on the distraught meter. This definitely blows…Andols is an awesome drummer and big part of the band. But as Andols said himself there is light at the end of the tunnel and even though it may not be completely the same, Chimaira should press on just fine. They did make a solid album when Andols wasn’t around for the self-titled. That is damn good to hear…as long as Rob doesn’t get too caught up in Six Feet Under and quit too. They truly wouldn’t be the same without Rob’s guitar work and of course Mark. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get that bad and they announce some good replacements sometime soon.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    wow, and i thought that the famine breaking up ruined my day, now i’m starting to feel like chimaira calling it quits is inevitable. i hope not, because there are few bands from my college days that are either together or that i still even care for.

  • chtimixeur

    Damn, this sucks.
    I wonder what really happened, Andols seemed really upset about it.

    He’s a great drummer, definitely one of the best out there, and I hope we’ll hear from him again in the near future.

  • nickmongonijr

    Jesus, this fucking band is falling apart. I hope they push on but this is a serious blow. Why did it take this long for Andols to talk about it?

  • tentonwolf

    Andols shouldn’t have a hard time at all finding another band to jam with but my morale for Chimaira fading.

  • tentonwolf

    * Is

  • Surly

    It’s hard hearing professional musicians from big/well-known bands (in the genre) speak so despondently about the industry’s future and their place in it. Makes you feel for all those young kids slogging their guts out to be in a band that reaches even close to the heights of this one.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    @surly: well said man, thats a very good point.

  • scorpions

    Being from Cleveland, this feels like the 4th time in the past 12 months lebron said “late” to our godforsaken city… Godamn why do all my worthwhile teams gotta get fuct up…

  • Lord_Hager

    I’m Jason Hager, former Chimaira guitarist and co-founder… and I just wanna weigh in on this… I do not know all the details but I highly agree with the views on the state of the music industry. It has changed GREATLY since we (Chimaira) first signed to roadrunner. When I left the band I took a break to focus on family and then began to perform again.. first Shenoah, most recently Years Of Fire… Everything about the music industry has become VERY not worth the sacrifces it takes to succeed… at least not to me. whether it’s egotistical bands (which is 90% of them) or record labels who don’t know their ass from their elbow. Music hasn’t been fun for me for 2 years now and the only time I picked up my guitar in the past year was to play my final show.

    you have up-start indie labels who don’t know shit and flop before they even get started… and you have labels who were once “THE” metal who can’t decide if they wanna be a metal label or a rock label…. they feed their bands to the wolves with no promotion or support then when records don’t do well they drop the bands.

    it’s a very cut-throat, two faced business that I no longer want a part of and can’t blame others for feeling the same way… it’s burned me so bad I don’t even really enjoy listening to music anymore.

    So that’s why my family and my tattooing career is all I’m concerned with now.

    with that said I’m out and wish the band as whole good luck… it does suck seeing a band that holds so many fond memories to me on hard times… but I think they will move forward… the remaining members of the band are some of the most devoted musicians I’ve ever worked with or met.


  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Art is nothing to believe in to be absolutely successful. Most receive notoriety after they go in the ground. People will turn their backs on you at a moment’s notice. You release a CD, you gain new fans, lose old ones. Some fans are solid. Unless you’re Ke$ha or Akon, you can’t just perform the midas touch.
    You do everything you can, you lose meals, relationships, time, ligaments.
    Artists possess extreme craft, emotion, but the absolute best have both. It’s something you must do. I owe MY life to music. Fuck industries. So things have changed, so .. blah blah blah….
    My girlfriend just said I’m too idealistic. I said you better watch your mouth or I’m gonna fuck it. She keeps talking..

  • Stenny

    I’ll take an official stab at a guess…… He had a family and the band wanted a more aggressive touring schedule, or he wanted to cut back on shows and they said no; them selfs realizing, what is, much what this supposed guitarist of Chimaira says, so they ask him back.

  • southpawchew

    Something needs to give, it’s all our fault that this Industry bombed, downloads for free, leaks before CDs come out, people not liking shitty versions of leaks so not buying the cd, and worst of all empty shows for “national” acts. We need to dedicate our selfs to our bands and figure out a way to pull this titanic from the bottom, maybe an idea is just open fund boxes on bands websites via paypal. “if I’m the man and he’s the man then your the man as well so stick that fucking finger up your ass”

  • the hidden agenda

    This is sad news, in the last 6 months or so, they’ve lost half of the band, and then another 2/3 of the band are doing Six Feet Under. Things aren’t looking good for Chimaira.

  • southpawchew

    I also think Jason nailed the key point to the industry crash and he gave the best example to it, roadrunner records used to be big into promoting metal and had underground artist but now the roaster is radio friendly because that’s the last way to make money, with radio hits that promote themselves. Chimara, slayer, mastodon, between the buried ect all have hits that would be awesome for radio but america and it’s bullshit sense of morality won’t play metal. I think radio play would help so much I bet that’s why bands do so well in Europe. Shit not even dredg can get radio play

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    @southpawchew: i agree with you on there not being enough variety or heavy music on the radio. But people will argue, “go buy satelite radio if you want more music, they have entire channels for metal’. BULLSHIT! i live in a suburb or minneapolis. Ive seen too many clubs (the rock, qwest, the myth) fold because they couldnt afford bands, because local rock station 93x doesnt get behind anyone anymore. not unless your name is nickelback, 5fdp or someone else who’s huge. thats fine, but what about the up and comers?,

    How do you play certain bands a few times and then abandon their material. Call them a 93x band and then not announce they are in town. how the fuck does your station programming head say he’s best friends with COLD on stage at 3 of their shows in 1 years time and they only play ‘stupid girl’? 6 fucking people at the skinlab show last summer before the rock closed, (and steev still fucking sang with no voice from bronchitis). Im sick of this shit, the market is oversaturated, the sales are underwhelming, and my expectations are threadbare because the bands i love cant stay at the same lable for more than 2 albums. (random ex’s: 36crazyfists, chimaira, COLD, sevendust).

    I dont download, i dont bootleg, i still buy and trade cd’s and throw down money because i want to support bands. Id buy albums at shows to better support, but hey, there are no shows. Unless you only like death metal and then you have to endure the Hep B germs at station4 in st paul. Im ranting, but my point is that things are horrible.

    Sure i have other interests beyond my job, i know these people elect to live this lifestyle. But how do you encourage creativity in children and tell them they can be whatever they want when they grow up without throwing in a “however…”, and giving a lecture on economics? Scooter Ward said it; “sick of all this monotany, kill the fucking music industry”.

  • Viking

    @southpawchew & Rev: Here’s the ultimate explanation: RISK-TAKING IS DEAD. Why do you think federal, state, and local governments all over the U.S. are drowning in debt? Because in some way, people thought they could get a free lunch. Same thing. It ALL boils down to fear of risk in an industry that should RHYME with “risk.”

  • southpawchew

    Yeah I don’t think satalite or pandora is good for the marke it’s bad ass I guess but we need a radio station that does what ur saying announce shows and don’t play nickleback support stuff like trap them clutch ect and even make an emo channel or hour I was also thinking a real cool idea would be if say a site like the prp made a “club” board room here its say $10 to join and bands sign up and the sign up money goes to those bands i.e. Say an exclusive Facebook type deal that allows fans to chat with their favorite bands and exchange ideas also make a merch area with low shipping for tees and CDs

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    @viking: exactly! However why take risks when theres 1000 new acts everyday?
    @southpawchew: you know i could see something like that community donation fund thing getting muddled up somehow, not because of greed per se, but because of ‘logistical issues’. touching back upon local radio, every time a big act is coming to town they get constant play. hey assholes, i know ACDC is coming to town, that doesnt mean that i want to hear them every hour. Just because peoples mom’s still think theyre cool or their girlfriends have shitty taste in music, doesnt mean i want to hear the song ‘bad girlfriend’ everyday, fuck off!. Oh but hey you played the new sevendust single the week ‘cold day memory’ came out, and thats good enough. Dont kiss a bands ass in person, but after they play your town, decide that youre done promoting their music. Its the broadcast support equivalent of a pitty fuck!

  • southpawchew

    I hate to go here but insane clown posse. Look at the industry they created on there shit ass music they’ve been making money for how long on there own! It’s nuts that they do what they do the merch they put out is insane gear does it too shit icp has there own festival every year. It olny takes an idea and ambition to make money no matter what’s going on.

  • Lord_Hager

    Whatever a musician’s reason for deciding to no longer play, it come really comes down to passion and happiness. If you’re not happy doing it, no matter the reason then stepping down is the right choice. it’s not fair to him/her or the rest of the band if they’re hearts not it and they’re not giving it they’re all.

    my own reason were that constant let down after another (labels flopping or flaking out, a revolving door of band members, members who were like a brother to me dying, the economy, etc) just took it’s toll on me and it was no longer fun for me to do.

    for almost 20 years music came first and everything and everyone came second. it was the one thing I could always count on… I just personally feel that for ME that I am in a place in life where the risks are no longer worth putting everything second. I have A LOT of great memories and have gotten to see places and meet people I never would have without music… but for me I am a “family first” kind of person and they are my priority… they don’t pressure me not to play, they actually encouraged me to play… but it’s just not in my heart anymore.

  • zomgpapi

    Lord Hager, I luv you! I first heard about Chimaira on this website back in 00 and found “This Present Darkness” in a mom n pop record store in Daytona Beach, FL. Just wanted to share that with you.
    Now, what we need to do is the everyday person needs to encourage kids to buy the albums and not torrent them (Every little bit helps). Some genres I could understand but metal is an album driven experience not singles. Bands need to think outside the box, offer some kind of perk to encourage album sales.
    We need to start taking over college campus radio stations. Cause their you more likely can have your own show once a week and play what ever you want. Even bring in the best of the local bands in your area for interviews. Then network with other college stations and pass along info, good bands, cross promote regional acts.
    Ultimately we need the equivalent of what happened to movies. We went from VHS, DVD, to BlueRay. All of us went BlueRay cause the movies look and sound better. We need a new way to listen to music, that destroys CD and Vinyl quality. I don’t know if FLAC files are the answer but we do need music in HD baby!!!

  • stuckpig

    Tons of solid points here. Damn. Yea it’s pretty sad to come to the realization that the music industry is a joke. Good bands should be able to survive and be successful but it doesn’t seem to really matter. I think it boils down to the fact that a LOT of people are extremely boring when it comes to musical taste. Most people just seem to think that whatever’s on the radio is the best music out there, lol. People like us who visit this pretty rad and narly site tend to veer outside the circle and broaden our horizons and check out/support some awesome bands…but everybody’s wired differently and some people are fucking stubborn so therefore they’re never gonna discover all the great music these bands create. If you’re not Nickelback, Foo Fighters or The Black Eyed Peas, you’re (for the most part) going to struggle.

  • American_Natemare

    I still think it comes down to the fact that ALOT of cities anymore, the only places to buy CDs and vinyl (if it’s even possible in your town, it’s not in mine) is Best Buy or FYE. Which basically equates to you being able to only find like 3 metal bands and they only carry whatever their newest release is. I for one refuse to give money to either of those stores so I now have to drive 2 hours to either Cincinatti or Colombus just to buy music. So I download and listen first. If I like it, I’ll put it on my list for whenever I get the chance to go record shopping or I wait until I can buy straight from the band.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    @american natemare: i hear you, theres only a few stores that have a decent selection of music anymore and BB isnt one of them. Hell i’d go to cheapo if the prices didnt suck. I try to support the small stores like that when i can but most of the time it pays off to buy used on or amazon.

  • American_Natemare

    @Rev When I had a job in high school and no bills, I use to blow all of my money on vinyl and CDs. I used to just buy shit cause I liked the cover or just a friend telling me they were good. I got into alot of the bands I love now that way. I miss those days. I would buy so much more music is I had places to buy them where I live that didn’t cost $17 for a 10 track album. I know FYE has an actually labeled metal section now but that would require me to go into a mall and then have my wallet raped.
    The other big issue for me is that 80% of the bands these days are horrible. Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon. Those bands just make shit like the Deftones, Dillinger, Converge, Cattle Decapitation, and Coalesce that much better. Bands that have been around for like 10+ years and made consistently awesome music and a huge and constantly growinig fan base with little (Deftones) to no (Cattle Decap) radio play.

  • southpawchew

    well somebands have cheap CDS on there website just get um there

  • dehumanizer

    Not looking good for Chimaira, Hopefully Matt or Rob don’t leave.

  • will

    I used to buy cds based on what a friend said also when I was in high school with no bills Natemare (I hate shopping for clothes anyway, fashion sucks). those were the gotdamn days (for music buying anyway). ps. I am not even a chimaira fan, and after reading this I wanna hang myself. please don’t die chimaira. *tear :(

  • ballsofmetal

    @stucpig, We must all play the role of Moses. We’ve ventured out of the circle to broaden our horizons. It is now every mans obligation and duty to convert everyone else from their wicked ways. Even if it means buying your lame friends/co-workers ticket to see your favorite band. If that gets them up, then do it. just make them pay for the 12pk for the pre-game ceremony prior to entering lol.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    @american natemare: dude i feel ya on the high school days. I bought so many cd’s. Last winter i got bored and spent a week compiling a list of cds i own (190) and one’s ive sold or traded (pushing around 442 albums). Wasnt it nice to not have to pay rent or buy food!!! Man i used to be way too into wu-tang clan…

  • mjclementz

    “ps. I am not even a chimaira fan, and after reading this I wanna hang myself. please don’t die chimaira.”

    You don’t need much persuasion, do you?