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Isis/Dead Prez Mashup From Team Sleep DJ CrookOne Available For Streaming

A newly finished mashup of Isis and Dead Prez material done by CrookOne of Team Sleep, etc. fame has been made available online. You can check out Dead Prez – “Hip Hop (CrookOne’s Celestial Redo)” below:


  • andrew

    what the hell is this shit

  • adamonfire

    I dig it, I’d be interested in an entire album’s worth of this.

  • robichaud1


  • frog

    This reeks of sloppiness and missed potential.

  • noraad


  • ballsofmetal

    Isis disbanded for this croc of shit? These guys are assholes for recording this, then putting it up.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    I know i’m going to get crucified for saying this, but: this is shit compared to what ‘commissioner’ is putting out.

  • adamonfire

    @ballsofmetal – it’s a mashup, it’s not something they recorded for this reason

  • ballsofmetal

    @adamonfire – I guess I feel a little better. Whos ever idea it was to do it is still an asshole and should have their metal card revoked. They probally drink Coronas too.

  • MurderCapital

    It’s 2010 and some people still don’t know what a ‘mash-up’ is… wow.

  • 8 bit ninja

    The Dead Prez song is like 10 years old all ready and it wasn’t like it was a classic in the first place. Horrible. Mash-ups are garbage any way. I prefer my metal w/o hip hop and my hip hop w/o metal, thank you.

  • somuchrotenflesh

    the first version of this song was MUCH MUCH better, this is done by crookone from team sleep guys…….isis doesnt have anything to do with it, and team sleep has nothing to do with metal, does everyone comprehend this now??

  • CaptainCream

    I like it so what wanna fight about it?! I bet they just did it for fun and not for money or airplay.

  • will

    I agree with your isolationist feelings on metal & hip-hop 8 bit ninja but that Dead Prez is a classic.

  • veganbassist

    Mashups are ALWAYS garbage, as is this…however, I’ve heard much worse ones.

  • MurderCapital

    “Hip Hop” by dead prez is indeed a classic. The whole album “Let’s Get Free” is great and almost classic.