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Slayer Debut “World Painted Blood” Video Online

Slayer‘s new video for their track “World Painted Blood” has been posted online and can be seen below. The clip was directed by Mark Brooks.


  • kevin

    Why it isn’t opening? Are the servers overloaded? Or some other reason…

  • robichaud1

    My god… this is one of the worst fucking videos I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Horrible. Too bad, decent tune (though their producer really did suck out a lot of oomph in the last album…). I’m embarrassed on Slayer’s behalf. Cheap and boring. Hey can we start voting on videos? This one gets 0/5. Garbage.

  • Chinch

    they tried to make it have the same look as the “playing with dolls” dvd that came with this cd… but it just isn’t working here… i just looks like they’re jacking off their guitars