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More Live Footage Of Emmure’s Rage Against The Machine Covers Performance Available Online

More live footage (some of which was filmed from the stage) has surfaced online of Emmure‘s recent Rage Against The Machine covers set which took place at the Hoodwink Festival In New Jersey this past Friday, April 30th. You can find the latest footage to be posted below.

Meanwhile, band guitarist Jesse Ketive addressed the recent criticisms leveld against their performance with the following comment via Twitter:

“Im gunna say “killing in the name of” was performed perfect by us. Im not cocky whatsoever but if you say we butchered it your fuckedd.”

Killing In The Name Of“:

Killing In The Name Of” (alternate angle):

People Of The Sun“:

Bulls On Parade“:


  • lllslinklll

    The best part about this is it seems that about 95% of the audience haven’t a clue of these songs.

  • idempotent

    great choices for a cover, but the live recording quality is kinda crap. would be much better to hear this from a studio session.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    He actually said “Get Sick”. I thought that was just a joke that people made to poke fun at BROS like this. I didn’t know anyone was actually dumb enough to actually say it in a real life DEAD SERIOUS context. I wouldn’t mind watching that kid get punched in the teeth for awhile.

  • buttcrackguy

    I can’t believe I’ve had to see these shit videos posted twice already. A little fashion tip for the singer- get a shirt that fits, homeboy. We can see how flabby you are. It looks like a wet t-shit contest for a dude with a tire around his waist.