JoJo Siwa / Tool Logo

JoJo Siwa Reportedly Tried To Lift Tool’s Wrench Design For A New Merch Drop


A merch drop apparently recently announced by reality star turned multi-platinum musician JoJo Siwa has seemingly gone awry. Though not a direct copy, key designs featured in that line looked to have been brazenly adapted from an inherently similar design long associated with chart-topping alternative metal outfit Tool.

However, that merch, which looks to have been tied into Siwa‘s impending new EP “Guilty Pleasure” and its accompanying construction-related video imagery, looks to have quickly been scrapped. It is currently unclear if its removal stemmed from legal interference from Tool or not. Fans of the esteemed Los Angeles, CA-based band began to vent on the matter online earlier this week after Siwa‘s design began being previewed:

As you’d expect, conversations on the matter also spilled over to Reddit. Of all designs, that wrench logo — originally created for Tool by artist Cam De Leon — is a considerably prickly subject for Tool, having been part of an protracted lawsuit brought against the band by De Leon.

Back in June of 2005, De Leon filed suit against Tool, along with Sony BMG Entertainment and clothing retailer Hot Topic. De Leon had argued that he was being not being properly compensated for the use of the various designs he created for the band in the early to mid 90s.

He alleged that he had not signed a work-for-hire agreement, and thus also asserted that the group’s continued usage of his designs had exceeded the limitations of the licenses he originally granted for them.

That case, and the $450,000 settlement paid to De Leon‘s camp to settle the dispute, led to another legal battle for the band, as Tool, soon found themselves in courts against their insurer at the time, Clarendon National Insurance Co..

The aforementioned insurer had disputed their own liability in covering the costs associated with the resolution of De Leon‘s suit. Ultimately the legal proceedings wrapped up in the band’s favor back in 2015, though not without a serious toll.

Guitarist Adam Jones told Yahoo at the time that not only did the legal troubles derail their recording and touring plans for several years, but that the sprawling entanglement was also, “the worst thing that’s ever happened to us.”

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