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Mastodon Now Have Their Own Line Of Pickles


Mastodon‘s adventures into merchandising have taken a somewhat unexpected turn. While band-branded alcoholic beverages, coffees and hot sauces have become a bit passé, the group are following up their Tiki mug endeavor with a collaboration with Kelly’s Death Pickles. Each member of the progressive alternative metal outfit have received their own flavor as part of this pairing, with Troy Sanders‘ even sending up one of his various side projects. The following production descriptions were provided:

  • Troy Sanders Diller Be Dilled – a traditional sour dill pickle exploding with garlic. (NO HEAT)
  • Bill Kelliher Dead and Butterslax – our take on traditional, sweet bread and butter pickles with some unique added spices. (NO HEAT)
  • Brann Dailor JalaBranño Dill – Jalapeño peppers infused into our dill pickle brine. (A KICK OF JALAPENO HEAT)
  • Dirty B. Hinds Dill with the Devil – The name says it all. The hottest heat from Carolina Reaper peppers and just a bit of beets for the color added to our dill brine. These are HOT!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mastodon-related production without a suitably campy ad, and this time around is no exception, with the below video revealed:


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