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Fallujah Ready 10th Anniversary Edition Of “The Flesh Prevails”, Stream Re-Mixed/Remastered Version Of “Sapphire”


Fallujah have dropped the newly re-mixed and remastered version of their song “Sapphire“. The San Francisco, CA-based technical death metal outfit will have that featured on a sonically overhauled 10th anniversary edition of their 2014 sophomore effort, “The Flesh Prevails“.

Slated for a July 05th release, that effort was given a new mix and subsequent remastering by the album’s original producer Zack Ohren (Machine Head, Entheos). Fallujah commented:

“Surprise! The first remixed+remastered single ‘Sapphire‘ from the upcoming 10-Year Anniversary edition of The Flesh Prevails is out now. You’ll be able to hear the rest of the album on July 5th.

Back in October, we visited @xaqultimate ’s studio in Oakland, CA to hear the new mixes he was working on, and were all blown away by the results. We truly feel that Zack has outdone himself with this project, and has given this special 10-year anniversary release the audio treatment it deserves. Here’s a statement from Zack on the remixing process:

‘It was a priority to me and the band to do everything I could to bring this to life while staying true as possible to the original. Only original (real) guitar amp tones were used, original (sansamp pedal) bass tones, no fake cymbals added etc, and in fact the drum sounds are actually a bit more natural than they were on the original mix. I even ended up using the original reverbs, as I found switching that kind of stuff changed the character. It was challenging even just re-installing some ancient plugins, and had to print some parts from old 32-bit Cubase, but I got it done.

With that said, it will sound drastically different to the listener for sure, and aspects of it are remarkably better despite this being a very tricky album to work with for various reasons. Unlike many of these remixed or remastered productions, I’m extremely confident this version will be preferred by 99.99% of people.'”

Pre-orders are available now through

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