Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon Hid Access To An Elaborate Alternate Reality Game Within “POST HUMAN: NeX GEn”


Alternative metal favorites Bring Me The Horizon mapped out an elaborate alternate reality game campaign to accompany their latest album, “POST HUMAN: NeX GEn“. That evolving campaign has been playing out in real-time online over the past few days. Upon the release of the record last week, vocalist Oli Sykes hinted that there was more lurking beneath the surface of the record, offering:

“It’s a real concept album, with a full narrative that connects to the first record, but the concept is hidden and buried. Some people aren’t going to be interested, but for some people it could be like a self-help book. There’s a lot of things in there, some of it’s quite clear, but a lot of it cryptic and hidden. People are gonna have to work it out.”

As it turns out, he wasn’t just talking about lyrical metaphor. An odd noise featured in the album’s closing track “Dig It” caught the attention of a listener, who took to opening the track in audio editing software and discovered that it featured a spectrogram embedded within the song.

That image was a QR code, which led to this hidden website. Since then, the universe the band have crafted with the album has been playing out as fans continue to decipher new bits and pieces, being rewarded with unreleased material and more.

As you’d expect, the hivemind that is the band’s subreddit have been on the case, although the band also attracted some unwanted attention from hackers looking to spoil the fun, as TechCrunch reported. The band’s camp managed to lock down that unsavory activity and even kept subsequent warning messages to those looking to take shortcuts within the ARG canon.

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