The Gloom In The Corner

The Gloom In The Corner Launch ‘The Jericho Protocol’ Video


The Gloom In the Corner‘s music video for their track “The Jericho Protocol” has just went up online. A press release summed up where this track falls in the band’s canon of cinematic metalcore:

‘Set just before the events of their sophomore album Trinity, ‘The Jericho Protocol‘ fleshes out the story of main character Rachel Barker’s time in Heaven, a rehabilitation centre known as The Garden Hotel, made to help newcomers to the realm adjust to their new afterlife. Things begin to go horribly wrong when she discovers they have been killing her over and over again to reset her memories every time she fails the rehab process, leading to catastrophic events, and the destruction of the realm.

The Jericho Protocol‘ hurtles you through the harrowing events in the ever-evolving The Gloom In The Corner story, and is also set to be accompanied by a short-story A Reflection, A Thousand Deaths, penned by frontman Mikey Arthur and due for release on May 29.’

The band themselves added, “This is us at our writing peak — finding a balance between haunting and operatic melodies, and dimension destroying breakdowns.”

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