Birdmask (Zeal & Ardor) Debut “Dial Up”


Birdmask will be issuing a new EP titled “Isolde” later in the year. That project is headed up by Zeal & Ardor mastermind Manuel Gagneux, and allows him to explore alternate creative avenues. This forthcoming outing from the project is being described by a press release as a step away from the lo-fi experimentation of its predecessor, “Tristan“. Instead, the music on “Isolde” is said to lean more into traditional song structures.

As you may have put together from the EP titles, these two outings draw inspiration from the 12th century romance, ‘Tristan And Isolde‘. Leading the way from this EP is the track “Dial Up“, which you can hear below. As for his continued vision with the project, Gagneux stated:

“I think I’d like to try to reach different people. And there’s a conscious effort of separating the two, just because it’s different music, at least to me. The reason I wanted to distinguish it is that it would be easy to gain an online following of people who just associate me with Zeal & Ardor and, by proxy, happen to like this.”

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