Zeal & Ardor

Birdmask (Zeal & Ardor) Streaming New Single “Recovery”


Zeal & Ardor mastermind Manuel Gagneux will be launching an EP titled “Tristan” from his chamber pop project Birdmask on November 24th. The song “Recovery” from that effort recently went up online and is streaming below.

Gagneux commented:

“With Zeal & Ardor I’m acting as if I were a different person, whereas Birdmask is pretty much me and my gleeful stupidity and childish exploration. It’s closer to who I am in real life.. It doesn’t really have that societal aspect that Zeal & Ardor has. It’s just: I feel bad today so here’s my sadness, or I feel great today, here’s my glee.”

He also went on clarify that the project shouldn’t be considered an extension of Zeal & Ardor, offering:

“I think I’d like to try to reach different people. And there’s a conscious effort of separating the two, just because it’s different music, at least to me. The reason I wanted to distinguish it is because it would be easy to gain an online following of people who just associate me with Zeal & Ardor and by proxy just happened to like this.”

Another EP, titled “Isolde” will follow next year and is expected to explore the happier aspects of Gagneux‘s psyche.

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