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SECT (Earth Crisis, Ex-Cursed, Etc.) Unveil New Album “Plagues Upon Plagues”, Debut “New Low”


Plagues Upon Plagues” has been set as the title to the first new SECT album since 2019. The supergroup boast a lineup of veteran musicians that includes:

Vocals: Chris Colohan (Cursed/Unwell)
Guitars: Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis)
Guitars: Jimmy Change (Undying, Catharsis)
Bass: Steve Hart (Day Of Suffering, Mania For Conquest)
Drums: Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy, Racetraitor)

Southern Lord will be releasing this third album from the group on June 07th. Colohan spoke of what inspired it, offering:

“Our scene has already been screaming about the threat of an ecological breaking point and the looming threat of recurrent fascism throughout our whole lives. When both come to pass at the same time and you get the exact world you fought never to see, there are no more alarm bells to ring. You’re just burying your dead. It’s mournful.”

He later added:

“The first five weeks of the pandemic told me more about where we’re at and where we’re headed than five decades of life, and it rendered most idealism irrelevant, regardless of how selectively we remember it in retrospect.”

“We’re barreling towards the next mass atrocity just as the last century’s fade into the past. I’ve definitely had to let go of the ideal of survival in the wake of the last few years. Wasn’t the world we wanted to see but with all the checks and balances this thoroughly defeated, it’s going to play out however it does from here. Changing any minds at this point is kind of irrelevant – that’s largely the point of this album and the challenges we had writing it.”

Recording for the outing took place across several studio sessions around the U.S., while Converge‘s Kurt Ballou took on the mix. The first single, “New Low” is now streaming.

Plagues Upon Plagues” track listing:

01 – “No Uncertain Terms
02 – “New Low
03 – “Drowning In Sorrows
04 – “Zerzan Wept
05 – “#Foreverhome
06 – “The Lovers Of Life
07 – “Inventory
08 – “Six Black Lines (Plagues Upon Plagues)

Pre-orders can be obtained through Bandcamp.

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