Roman Candle

Roman Candle Removed From SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Etc. Tour Amid Public Outcry


Las Vegas, NV screamo outfit Roman Candle have been removed from their newly announced summer tour with SeeYouSpaceCowboy, The Callous Daoboys and Omerta. A statement issued by headliners SeeYouSpaceCowboy earlier today, April 26th reads as follows:

“After hearing your concerns, Roman Candle will no longer be on the tour. Tickets available now – more info to come.”

Around the start of the year, Roman Candle parted ways with their bassist Nico Borgia. His firing came in the wake of domestic abuse and sexual assault allegations that were made against him. A statement issued by Roman Candle‘s’s vocalist Piper Ferrari at the time read:

“Yesterday we became aware of allegations of domestic abuse and sexual assault by a former partner of our bassist, Nico.

In light of these allegations, we have all decided to part ways with Nico. We were aware the relationship was unhealthy but not to the extent of what has been shared.

We hope it goes without saying that we do not condone abuse in any form, but we want to take the opportunity to reiterate that here. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse or silently suffering through domestic violence, please contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline immediately: 800-799-7233 Hotline for Las Vegas specifically: +17752217600

We are making a donation to The National Domestic Violence hotline in the amount of $2,500 to help survivors. This is an issue we have never and will never take lightly.”

Since that incident and Borgia‘s firing however, rumors of other members of Roman Candle being aware of Borgia‘s alleged behavior prior to his firing have circulated, something which the band themselves continue to deny.

A new statement shared by Ferrari overnight addressed the controversy once again and reads as follows:

“I will speak my truth one last time.

No one was shown a video of anyone abusing anyone. I (Piper) STILL, almost five months later, have not seen this video.

The rumor that I saw a video of someone being abused has already been disproven multiple times, and the person who originally posted it went back on that accusation the same day.

I am a victim of domestic violence, our entire ep is about Jonas & I’s experience with domestic violence, and I would not condone that behavior anywhere near me. Whether I was in a band or not.

There is no abuser in our band. Stop calling us “apologists” when we acted immediately. We have done literally everything that could be i done in this situation other than simply quit music- which is not happening.

If you don’t like our music, that’s fine.

But throwing things out there like “they hang out with p*dos! They SA’d someone!” with absolutely no proof or context, to two people who are openly writing songs about having been through the SAME THINGS is disgusting and performative.

False accusations do nothing but make it harder for actual victims to be taken seriously.

We do this for us and for no one else. There is not enough money or clout in this genre for me to do have any other reason to continue on with this. I have fun dancing on stage and singing my little songs and that’s all this is about. This is Jonas & I’s version of therapy.

I am eternally thankful for every person that resonates with our music and continues to support us and work with us 🖤”

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