Taco Bell Mosh Pit

A Cleveland, OH Taco Bell Parking Lot Recently Became The Venue For A Guerrilla Hardcore & Metal Show


The parking lot for a Taco Bell restaurant in Cleveland, OH once again found itself the venue for a hardcore and metal show last weekend. That apparently unsanctioned event, did not appear to have the backing of the aforementioned fast food chain, despite Taco Bell having a long-standing involvement with sponsoring various bands from the metal, hardcore and metal scenes.

The latter chain’s Feed The Beat initiative has kept hundreds of touring bands fed over the years. To that end, Turnstile, Scowl, Militarie Gun and more are among the artists to have been involved with the fast food chain’s promotional efforts over the past few years.

Last July saw a similar concert staged outside of this same Taco Bell restaurant, having been organized by the bands involved over social media ahead of time. Media reports from that first guerrilla show found the manager of the restaurant at the time reportedly being displeased with the situation.

Cleveland Magazine report that this second event, ‘Baja Blast 2‘, was held last Sunday, April 21st, and attracted a lively crowd. In addition to moshing outside the aforementioned restaurant, audience members also engaged in a food fight with some of the restaurant’s menu offerings.

In a move recalling Scowl & GEL‘s infamous Sonic drive-thru sets, various fireworks were seen being lit by the audience at the event.

Some footage from the show, which featured sets from Body Farm, Razoblade and Necroprophecy, can be seen below, along with its admat that was circulated online to advertise the event in advance.

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