Bad Omens

Hear Bad Omens & HEALTH Unite On “The Drain”


Two new tracks from Bad Omens‘ extensive compilation outing “Concrete Jungle [The OST]” have been been shared online. Below you can hear the gold-certified alternative metal band team with industrial rockers HEALTH and electro rocker SWARM on “The Drain“.

Also newly shared is a revised version of the title track to Bad Omens‘ breakthrough album “The Death Of Peace Of Mind“. Alt-pop composer/producer So Wylie oversaw that reworking, which has been dubbed, “The Death Of Peace Of Mind [So Wylie Patch]“.

Both songs will be included on Bad Omens‘ aforementioned guest-filled new outing, which reworks tracks from “The Death Of Peace Of Mind“. A wealth of collaborations, along with new material, live performances, and more, are also featured. While not entirely specified, it is seems that this expansive set is tied into the band’s comic book series of the same name.

Concrete Jungle [The OST]” track listing:

02 – “V.A.N” (feat. Poppy)
03 – “The Drain” (feat. HEALTH & Swarm)
04 – “Terms & Conditions” (feat. Bob Vylan)
05 – “Hedonist (Recharged)” (feat. Wargasm)
06 – “Even
07 – “Loading Screen
08 – “Anything > Human” (feat. ERRA)
09 – “Digital Footprint
10 – “Nervous System” (feat. iRis.EXE)
11 – “C:\Projects\CJOST\FINDPEACE
12 – “Artificial Suicide (Unzipped)” (feat. Thousand Below)
13 – “The Grey (Unzipped)” (feat. Thousand Below)
14 – “The Death Of Peace Of Mind(We Are Fury Patch)
15 – “The Death Of Peace Of Mind(So Wylie Patch)
16 – “Bad Decisions (Lofi)” (feat. Dahlia)
17 – “Just Pretend (Credits)” (feat. Let’s Eat Grandma, Chief)
19 – “Artificial Suicide” (live 2024)
20 – “Like A Villain” (live 2024)
21 – “The Grey” (live 2024)
22 – “What Do You Want From Me?” (live 2024)
23 – “Nowhere To Go” (live 2024)
24 – “V.A.N” (live 2024) (feat. Poppy)
25 – “The Death of Peace of Mind” (live 2024)
26 – “Just Pretend” (live 2024)

Sumerian Records have a May 31st release date scheduled for it.

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