Rammstein Facing Plagiarism Suit In France For “Deutschland”


The Court of Appeal of Paris have assessed that Rammstein appear to have plagiarized a song from French synthwave duo NinjA Cyborg. It was alleged that Rammstein lifted several elements from NinjA Cyborg‘s 2018 song “The Sunny Road” with their own 2019 cut, “Deutschland“.

Le Parisien report that the court of appeal have issued a 40-page report that found that there were “too many similarities” between the two tracks for their shared melodies to be coincidental. With these initial findings in the matter, the case will now go before the chamber of intellectual property in France, with a first hearing scheduled for September 10th. It is presumably there where any potential damages will be established.

NinjA Cyborg and their publisher Music Unit initially filed suit against Rammstein several years ago after themselves facing various accusations of ripping off the German outfit with “The Sunny Road”, despised releasing their song some six months earlier.

In a statement shared in 2022, NinjA Cyborg revealed that the similarities between the two songs were so prominent that even music identifying app Shazam had mistaken the two tracks. Initial proceedings in the case led to several appeals in the years since being filed before this latest decision.

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