Terminal Nation With Todd Jones

Terminal Nation’s New Album “Echoes Of The Devil’s Den” To Feature Killswitch Engage, Nails, Integrity, Etc. Members


Death metal outfit Terminal Nation‘s new album “Echoes Of The Devil’s Den” will be out on May 03rd through 20 Buck Spin. That new outing hosts a wealth of guest appearances, with members of Killswitch Engage, Nails, Integrity and more among those to sign up,

The song “Written By The Victor“, which features Nails mastermind Todd Jones, is the first sonic onslaught to be launched from the effort, with a video having newly been shared below.

Speaking of what they’ve cooked up, the outfit’s vocalist Stan Liszewski commented:

“It’s been almost four years since our debut LP dropped. We poured so much of ourselves into this new record that I wanted to come out of the gates swinging. ‘Written By The Victor‘ is a track about the manipulation of historical narratives. The song explores how the ruling class holds so much power, they can essentially rewrite history to fit whatever narrative they choose.

Those who emerge victorious, whether it be through conflict or through the power held via their socioeconomic status, end up as the narrators, formulating history as we know it. We still see it today in the schools (or at least attempts) and in the media, where entire movements and major historical events are misrepresented, overshadowed, or completely omitted entirely.

While there has been some evolution of this tactic throughout history, the basis and intent remain the same. It’s about keeping control of the narrative and sometimes it’s even as insidious as retelling the hero’s story, but through the villain’s eyes.”

Recording sessions for this opus took place at Homewrecker Recording Studio in Tucson, AZ with Ryan Bram. Read on for the album’s track listing:

01 – “Echoes Of The Devil’s Den
02 – “Written By The Victor” (feat. Todd Jones of Nails)
03 – “The Spikes Under The Bridge” (feat. Zak Vargas of Elysia)
04 – “No Reform (New Age Slave Patrol)
05 – “Empire In Decay
06 – “Embers Of Humanity
07 – “Merchants Of Bloodshed” (feat. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage)
08 – “Bullet For A Stone
09 – “Dying Alive
10 – “Cemetery Of Imposters” (feat. K. Kennedy of Sex Prisoner)
11 – “Immolation (Of Mother Earth)
12 – “Release The Serpents” (feat. Dwid Hellion of Integrity)

Pre-orders are available through

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